“PS3 Is The Most Awesome Console”, "It Is Far Better Than Xbox 360″ Says Pachter

Michael Pachter just won’t give himself a rest will he? The analyst everybody loves to hate apparently enjoys being hated by the masses, or maybe he’s just having fun. Either way, the man thinks PS3 is better than the Xbox 360.

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Nitrowolf22867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

didn't patcher use to diss the PS3 all the time or something?
either way its his opinion but still why doesn't he just keep his mouth shut and actually be a good analyse for once


yeah that's true, i say we should just let anything article related to pachter to die, but that's not gonna happen

hay2867d ago

Well, he's still saying the obvious. /jk

But I agree with the kaveti below. Pather's a b*tch and what he says depends on trends and what's going on in the market.

kingjoker342867d ago

exactly hay.
He just wants to be liked by the masses, so that includes saying things people want to hear. and the obvious overnight success of the ps3 has him saying he loves it.
I still hate patcher though. Hell i can predict better then he can.

presto7172867d ago

I dont need patcher to tell me what is obvious

ShinMaster2867d ago

Michael Patcher is still stating the obvious as always.
Lol :D

Bathyj2867d ago

Not that I like to defend Pachter (even though he finally got one right), but as a market analyst, what you said "what he says depends on trends and what's going on in the market." is pretty much his job description. Thats what he supposed to do.

Awesome job huh?

HammockGames2867d ago

I tend to favor my PS3 and so agree in this case. But just out of curiosity does anybody know if this dude even owns a gaming system?

I'm really just curious. If this guy is truly an industry expert you'd hope he'd actually spend some time with the medium.

With some of his (past) comments you have to wonder...

He strikes me as a guy who gets decked out in leg warmers for Wii bowling (his fav game). Hardcore.

darthv722867d ago

i thought the consensus was that patcher is wrong about what he proclaims. So in this case he is all of a sudden right? He he being serious or sarcastic. I can never tell.

Many view him like vgchartz. Only right when the view is favorable to what people like. Has he ever dissed on the wii cause I cant remember. It seems to have always been 360/ps3 from what i recall.

HolyOrangeCows2867d ago

He always gets his predictions wrong, but at least he can analyze current situations, heh heh.

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Darkstorn2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Pachter is a fanboy. LOL!!!

He does do some attention-whoring, but he's still an above average analyst, at least in my opinion.

Trey_4_life2867d ago

Firstly what pachter said is true, secondly he still don't know sh*t about games, stick to spread sheet's and pie charts you middle aged tool.

deadreckoning6662867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

He's being sarcastic. Hes proly scrolling this thread right now and laughing is ass off at us bickering like rodents lol. Don't know why people hate on him, they have no reason to.

"or maybe he's just bought uncharted 2"

Oh please...u people are truly delusional. He was cleary being sarcastic.

This is the full quote btw:

"To all the fanboys out there, thanks for joining us on Pach-Attack and I have to say, I really think the PS3 is the most awesome console ever – it is far better than the Xbox 360.”

LOL, hes making fun of fanboys and they don't even know it.

Shadow Flare2867d ago

or maybe he's just bought uncharted 2

hakis862867d ago

what you say about Pachter..
But I agree that PS3 is better - I have grown tired of my 360. Sorry, no flamebait intended, but only Gears3 might make me use it again in the nearest future.

My 360 is great but noisy.
My PS3 ig great, silent, will have 3D support for games anf blu-ray, has free online and boy..I have enjoyed their exclusives so much.

Shadow Flare2867d ago

This is the first thing Pachter has ever said that i fully agree with

Trey_4_life2867d ago

I'm also a fan of the playstation brand and i too have had a bubble taken away.

sikbeta2867d ago

Pachter: -"PS3 Is The Most Awesome Console”, "It Is Far Better Than Xbox 360"

Random guy: -"You Idiot, that's Not a Prediction, That's a FACT"

deadreckoning6662867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

@spydiggity- Exactly. PS3 fanboys are being made fun of to their faces and there praising the very person whose making fun of them. Best example of N4G stupidity right here folks. WOW just wow. I'm so happy these people only exist on the Internet because if people were ACTUALLY this stupid on a 24 hour basis, the future of the gaming world would be very scary.

Edit: Spydiggity its cool dude. We hear ya. Its not worth it. Wasting our breath on these children is useless.

sikbeta2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )


spydiggity Comment is BELOW this one dude


"You're such a PS3 Fanboy, I hate you, you hurting my feelingz by saying that, Waaa...Waaa I'm going to disagree Waaa... Waaaa...."

lol kids, Take It Easy....

Spydiggity2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

before this blows up, i wanna throw this out there. watch the video and the way he says it. there is a very clear undertone to his statement. this is an insult to the ps3 fanboys. not an insult to 360 or ps3. he isn't stating an opinion against one console or the other. he is making a very obvious statement that "if i said this the other way around, the fanboys would be in an uproar, but i don't think they're intelligent enough to understand what i'm trying to do so i can mostly get away with it."

360 fanboys, calm down...he's not actually insulting you (as much) and he's not favoring ps3 or 360. it's solely a dis on fanboys of the ps3 variety.

let it go...this really doesn't deserve any press.

the translation goes like this; "To the ps3 fanboys, i love the ps3 but don't like you, and i can't say anything that isn't praise for your system or you'll slander me all day in the comments under my videos. so i'm saying that i love your system better than the other one to make you happy. i know that saying this will likely piss off a few 360 fanboys, but since they aren't the majority of the fanboys, the payoff will be worth it. the audience to which i'm trying to appeal (the non-fanboys) are probably smart enough to get what i'm doing here, so there you have it. and on top of that, i can probably get the support back from the idiot ps3 fanboys in one simple, bs statement. fanboys are morons, and i'm appealing to the larger portion because they will NEVER understand that deep down i'm actually criticizing them more."

and he's right, fanboys (on both sides) are complete idiots and do nothing but hurt the community, but if you're going to single out a specific group within the fanboys, it might as well be the largest (and therefore more irrational and outspoken) group.

need proof? watch how many disagrees i get and how many bubbles i lose.

EDIT: need more proof? how come the articles that you always know are going to become to hottest and get the most comments the fastest are the ones that deserve no regard? this isn't news, this isn't interesting discussion. it's just fanboy vs fanboy. it's like christian vs muslim...they're both F*CKING tools!

waltercross2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Na, no disagrees from me, I'll just tell you my thoughts on your comment.

"You Assume" Trying to make light out of darkness. if you have no Idea what I'm even talking about then oh well.

Rucury2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )


Gah, leave me out of this. Idiot PS3 Fanboys are getting laughed at and they think they're laughing with Pachter.


----------------------------- --

Love for both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

NONE FOR THE WII, THOUGH!! Right? Right? Right!

Now for some good, quality Wii Sports!!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Patcher is more inclined (to skip the word and not saying Fanboy) to MS and Xbox 360.

That's a fact, and there are evidence.

That comment about PS3 is just sarcasm (just to hear the way he pronounce the whole comment).

That's all.

iamtehpwn2867d ago

"In fact, I think it's required to live"

*claps* I think no one would know the obvious if it wasn't for you, Pachter <3

pixelsword2867d ago

Everyone should be so lucky to have a job where you get paid for being wrong most of the time.

Syronicus2867d ago

Tell us something we didn't already know.

iPad2867d ago

Puts popcorn in the microwave.

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kaveti66162867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Hell yeah. Now somebody who has been playing demon's souls give me some advice because I'm just about ready to trash my room in frustration.

@nitro: Pachter is a patsy who follows a trend rather than analyzing it. When 360 was up he was on 360's nuts. Now PS3 is up and he's on PS3's nuts. We all know this.

Edit 2: @ Nitro

I'm trying to be real careful, man, but sometimes my line of sight is blocked by an entrance wall and when I walk in to a castle door the bastards jump out at me and I can't target them fast enough to block their attacks well.

Nitrowolf22867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

yeah when you see the people back in the nexus don't go off and killing them even though you get allot of points for it (lol its what i did). I think the only guy worth killing is the blue guy thats just sitting around. gives allot of demon souls.

Also farm allot, and get better equipment before you rush to fight a boss

NoOoB1012867d ago

Haha, try summoning people to help helps out A LOT.

JAMurida2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )


For Demon's Souls, I went for the Faith/Dex build, since it was the easiest and most efficient way for me. I mainly used the Blessed Mirdian Hammer +5, Regen shield +5 (forgot name) and regen ring for stacked regen againts the bosses, but near the end, when I got my Dex higher, I switch to using the Sharp Katana +5 w/ Cursed Weapon spell for boss fights.

This site is really good to go by for the game if you need help:

But back on topic, he probably said this to stir up the websites and what not. Still funny watching people's reaction to it though lol.

JoySticksFTW2867d ago

If you have a shield, use it! Always! Keep the damn shield button taped down! Walk with that shield up until you know the level

Don't Run through a level, walk!

It's ok to die, but try to watch HOW you die so you know the attacks of your opponents. Then you can role / side step, block, or interrupt attacks appropriately

Only listen to the highly rated messages, and don't feel bad about leaving the "Please recommend this message / This is harsh" lying around

Get Blue Phantoms to help

or reroll a Royal. They start off with powerful ranged magic and a ring that replenishes magic quickly without spices. You can farm Blue / Red eyed knights with a Royal if you're smart

Hope that all helps!

Good Luck! :)

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dizzleK2867d ago

has he been asleep for 3 years?

as for ps3 fans running this site, if thats the case why do i only have 2 bubbles? i've had nothing but nice things to say about ps3.

peeps2867d ago

people don't bubble based on whether people make good or bad comments anymore (or did they ever) it's all about fanboys and their pathetic multiple account debubbling adding bubbles to their own account

swiftshot932867d ago

Pachter assessment of the exclusivity of Agent is inaccurate, I think. Sam Houser said himself that it is a game Rockstar has wanted to make for a long time, there is no way it was conceptualized in 2007. I wouldnt be surprised if it was already in pre-production actually.

RememberThe3572867d ago

In the interview one of the Houser brothers mentions the limits of DVD and I think that might be one of the reasons it's exclusive. It sounded to me like he felt restrained by DVD. Maybe with Agent being exclusive to the PS3 and therefore Blu-Ray they feel like they have more room to work with.

siyrobbo2867d ago

Then why no pc version?

waltercross2867d ago

Sony has money to ya know, :)

life doomer2867d ago

you can tell he was being sarcastic.

Karsghul2867d ago

It is. not sure why ppl are disagreeing w/ you

He said something like "for all you fanboys" “Yes, PS3 is the most awesome console"