IGN AU: Red Dead Redemption Review

IGN AU writes: "The Wild West; the great open plain. Dusters and saddle sores and bar fights; hard women and filthy men trading blows in the middle of a prairie field – this is the world of Red Dead Redemption, one of the finest video games ever produced. With it, developer Rockstar San Diego has deftly paid homage to a genre of storytelling at once familiar to fans of 'westerns', but also subverting it with a gamers' mentality – turning rough-riding and cattle herding into an engrossing gaming experience".

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skynidas2981d ago

Awesome score, getting this game ASAP.

Darkstorn2981d ago

This is the most well-written of the IGN reviews. Have this game on reserve via Amazon :D

Trey_4_life2981d ago

IGN AU are actually usually quite harsh on their scores they give to games and for this to get a 9.8 from them is extraordinary, rockstar have done it again.

ReservoirDog3162981d ago

IGN AU is the best reviewers out there. And they love it. My copy was just sent out (amazon). Should be here tomorrow!

Nitrowolf22981d ago

dam all the reviews came out today
Hopefully i am not dissapointed like in GTA4 because of all the reviews giving it 9-10.
From watching vid it looks awesome

Trey_4_life2981d ago

GTA4 got such high reviews from dozens of journalists for a reason, because it was good, just because you don't like the game or it's mechanics that doesn't automatically make the game bad now does it.

Game was great and you didn't like it, look at mw2, there are millions of people who would argue it was great along with the high review scores it got but i still think it's crap

Same applies with Halo, Killzone, LBP etc.......

Spydiggity2981d ago

gta was a marvel. just because ppl weren't smart enough to disable the friends calling you feature doesn't mean the game was bad. i agree with some of the complaints about gta, but certainly not to any extent that it should lose points.

gta set out to be exactly what it was...a semi-realistic sandbox game with strong game mechanics and great story telling.

sure it had a few flaws (like the cover system), but it was still a great game that deserve the praise it got. maybe it's not for everyone but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a great score.

i don't like button mashers...doesn't mean i can argue with the quality of god of war. for the people that like button mashers, i'm sure it was every bit worth the score it received.

bottom line, if you didn't like gta, STFU and don't buy red dead. but we don't need to hear in article after article about how disappointed you were in gta and you hope this is different. it's the same developer, using the same (albeit revamped) engine, using the same sandbox story telling style...if that's not your cup of tea, don't convince yourself it is, then complain about it when it isn't.

i can't wait for this game to get here in the mail tomorrow. got my shot glass and a joint ready for the occasion. ;)

wicko2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Yeah but there were some really shitty things about GTA4 that got lost in the hype.. my biggest complaint for that game was its terrible control scheme. No excuse for that since there were plenty of 3rd person shooters at the time that had some really solid controls. Some might not think that's so bad but try going back to play that game again, it will drive you mental.

Either way I am still excited for this game, they've had plenty of time to improve their style and I think it will show in RDR.

kingjoker342981d ago

Great score for a great game. Hope R* nails there next 2 titles, agent and L.A Noire

SupeerSteebbi2981d ago

I'm going to be really fat after this summer! Damn.

frankymv2981d ago

so I guess this game really sucks huh?

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