New Backbreaker Videos and Screens

resumeplay writes: "Technology developer NaturalMotion will be releasing a unique football game named BackBreaker for the Xbox 360. The game highlights the usage of the Euphoria engine, which was featured in Rockstar's GTA IV"

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brandynevils2861d ago

I hope it gives madden some competition.

kingjoker342861d ago

Yeah me to, Somebody needs to start challenging the madden series so they stop treating there fains like shit. like disconnecting servers...

HighDefinition2861d ago

They need a NFL licence, w/o real teams/players its sad but this will get overlooked for Madden.

mauleriscool2859d ago

I'll be buying it, I use to love madden from 95-04, then haven't bought it since.
I love the physics of BB and the realistic hits that come out of it. I'm getting bored of the same hit animations over and over. I feel madden has been lacking in this area since they still use the same mocap animation techniques as the madden's of the 90's used.

smashly2861d ago

the Euphoria engine seems cool.

RememberThe3572861d ago

I can't wait for it to come out.

mau642861d ago

it really does. I was surprised at this. I hope it pulls through and maybe gives madden something to look at for some inspiration for change.

VenerableBmoney2861d ago

I'm always skeptical of new football games. But Euphoria is such a good engine that I would be surprised to see this fail. I like the thoughts that maybe this will give Madden something to really push their product forward too.

SKGamer2861d ago

This game looks pretty cool, and even if it doesn't totally steal sales away from Madden (which it probably won't, realistically) at least it will bring competition back to football games.


The movements looks more natural than robots compared to other football games.

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The story is too old to be commented.