Top 5 Video Game Soundtracks

Koku writes: "As I talked about last week, I truly believe that music has a lot to do with how a video gaming experience is crafted, and with many games, it is so integral to the experience that you can’t imagine that particular game existing without that soundtrack. Well, over time there are five specific soundtracks that stick out in my mind as truly fantastic. Now, before I proceed, know that I’m not saying that these are the best out there, or that my list is the definitive list, but these are just my personal favorites."

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Darkstorn2959d ago

I'd put Jet Set Radio Future on this list somewhere...

Also, what about Fable?

GWAVE2959d ago

Disagree with ME2 on that list. There are generations of classic games that I'd take above ME2's soundtrack.

darthv722959d ago

I've never player mass effect 2 or snake eater but I have played the others. I will admit that recently I popped in my copy of dracula x into my cd player to listen to some of those great redbook tracks. Awesome tunes.

One of my favorite music composers is yuzo koshiro. His beats in the original streets of rage are some of console cartridge fm synth classics.

Legosz2959d ago

I wanted to see Final Fantasy VI on there, the soundtrack is actually amazing if you download the full one.

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Carnage12902959d ago

Pretty good list, love snake eater.

SpaceSquirrel2959d ago

Great list. The MGS3 is still incredible.

Ziriux2959d ago

Snake Eater easily one of the best and most epic.

Ziriux2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Sorry for double post internet is bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.