Guardian: Red Dead Redemption Review

Guardian writes: "Losing yourself in Redemption is no bad thing. An open world extravaganza, your playground is the dying days of the Old West replete with deserts, cacti and homestead grasslands. As the in-game clock ticks by and day changes to night, the vivid hues of orange and brown are replaced with a star-studded sky interspersed with the glow of campfires."

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ScoobyDrew2980d ago

well considering the xbox is getting the content later you can stop being such a fanbitch... i have a PS3 anyways but its brats like you that give gamers all around a bad name.

ScoobyDrew2980d ago

... is most likely a dude

Kakihara2980d ago

So long as he's willing to put on a dress and a high voice and not tell my friends who cares??

AliTheBrit192980d ago

What exactly makes the PS3 version superior?

The little bit of DLC? well my version has extra DLC from the retailer I bought it from, so by your logic I can call my Xbox 360 version superior to your PS3 version if I deem the DLC higher quality or greater value :)

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BannedForNineYears2980d ago

What kind of comment is that? -_-

klado2980d ago

One that was missing for a good time by now in the new n4g...trolling or no, ps3's version over xbox pay for me...

Torkith2980d ago

I've put about three hours into it, it's phenomenal so far, so much to explore.

worm20102980d ago

how about "nnnn" is that better???

SnakePlissken2980d ago

Frys Electronics has the game in store and online for $49.99. Thought id give people the heads up on this deal.