Eurogamer's first impressions: Assassin's Creed

There were lots of highlights at E3 last week - running into Rutger Hauer, firing a pump-action shotgun, talking to Peter Moore about his braces - but one of the greater disappointments was Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed demo at the Microsoft conference. Having grown up in the public eye as an archly mysterious, beautifully imagined medieval kill-'em-up with more than its fair share of good ideas, it saw high-flying assassin Altair bumble onto the big screen, bounce off a few NPCs, prance across a series of beams, stab and gurn and then fire up an accent not so much west of Jerusalem as west of Adam West.

Fortunately, playing it does a better job of uncovering its accomplishments. Taking control of the same level on Xbox 360 (a PS3 version running nearby was basically identical), Eurogamer got to direct Altair through the crowded streets of Jerusalem towards Talal's warehouse and the promisingly knifey climax.

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Mr VideoGames4170d ago

will be sick im definitley GameFlying this one

Bazookajoe_834170d ago

Since im gonna buy this for my ps3 i hope it´s as good or better than 360 version, think it´s gonna be pretty much the same thou...

Sangheili854170d ago

This is got to be one of the best games coming out. The only think i hope they work on the bugs in the demo. I saw when bumping into people they wouldn't always actually touch them before they would get pushed. just a slight glitch i hope they fix.


This game, (In my opinion) could be as groundbreaking as the MGS series

I just don't think the team has as much experience to truly deliver a game of that caliber....Yet.

That said this game will still be great, and offers New gameplay elements, and Inovative ideas to the Sandbox game structure.

I can't wait to play this on my Ps3, I think this game , coupled with Drake should hold me off till MGS4 Drops.

Crap, so many games to beat, so little time.....and money

[email protected]4170d ago

My PS3 need some Assassin's Cred action this November... It's too bad that the hottie of Jade Raymond don't give us a specific launch day.

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