Ubisoft Toronto Project Won't Show At E3

Ubisoft Toronto Employee #1 has revealed that the studios upcoming project will not make an appearance at the E3 conference next month.

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SpaceSquirrel2801d ago

That's a shame. They have a lot of talented people at their studio.

mjolliffe2801d ago

They've got some awesome names in the studio overview. I'm really interested in seeing what the game is, and wouldn't be too surprised if they've taken over development of Beyond Good & Evil 2...


SpoonyRedMage2801d ago

Oh dear god no, only Ancel should be developing BG&E2. If it's not Ubi Montpellier developing it's not even worth considering.

SpaceSquirrel2801d ago

I hope that's right. I want to see Beyond Good & Evil 2 soon

mjolliffe2801d ago

I'm not saying I want that, it's just the game is pretty hotly anticipated, and Ubisoft will want it done well, but with a decent time-range.

Not saying it will either, but I wouldn't be surprised :P

Pandamobile2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

I didn't even know this studio was open yet.

Wow, the Ontario government is investing 250 million in this studio.

mittwaffen2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Video game design? YELL YEEEEAAAHHHH!
But seriously; its good to see the industry spreading up here; alot of hidden potential that is locked up here because of a boarder and lack of companies to actually work at.

Makes me happy that in 5-6 years when I snag up that degree it'll have grown even more that I wont have to worry about game development up here.

Americans; Canadians - Were pretty much the same.
-/+ The guns
-/+ The 'Corrupt' Politicians ;)
-/+ Crazy French Canadians (Rude ass people; some).

Pandamobile2801d ago

I start my 4 year game design program at the University of Ontario IT in September :)

mittwaffen2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

You should enjoy it!

I actually was looking at the program when it just started up; wasnt really sure though since I didn't hear alot at the time, but it has a great campus.

Most people in the industry need computer science to get into it; but its nice to see these programs around. Bit of a risk if you end up wanting to get into other areas, but really nice to see them around, its a nice leg up.

3Yr Software Engineer & 4Yr BSc is my long route.


Blitzed2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Overheard a couple ubisoft employees talking on the train awhile back about the development nightmares they've endured. They mentioned having to drop the multiplayer component in it's entirety as well as the direction of this game changing several times. They were not happy and were not optimistic about the end result. One suggested to the other that he should just work on 'autopilot', complete the game, and hope the next project turns out better.