7 Best 3D Dot Game Heroes Creations

Play-mag writes "Atlus has launched a site where you can now upload and download your creations to share with others online. It’s a great thing and we thought we would browse what people have put up so far".

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colonel1792960d ago

and it is awesome!. It is better for me because I just finished playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, so I´m in nostalgic mode.

I can´t wait to create my own hero.

Chubear2960d ago

I still don't really understand the concept of the game. I'm not an ol' school RPG type gamer but I'd still like to see some vids of the gameplay

PirateThom2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

The concept is that it's, basically, a clone of the old top down Zelda games. It's light hearted and doesn't take its self remotely seriously, the characters know they're in a game and it references Zelda, Dragon Quest and From Software as well as video games in general. The Demon's Souls references were especially amusing.

This might give you some idea.

colonel1792960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

What Pirate said. +Bubbles for being informative and helpful

Legosz2960d ago

I play LoZ ALP All the time. Love it, and I def want to pick this game up!

kingjoker342960d ago

I love the titles sony are bringing out this year!

Imperator2960d ago

I love the games Sony brings every year.

AKS2960d ago

My favorite reference so far has been the one to Gauntlet. So hilarious and unexpected! :)

Shendow2960d ago

"You Got Sticky White Stuff" ???? Ok? What is that for??? lol game is awesome an does anyone know what that white creature is that looks like a blob? I just call it Sticky White Stuff.

Anyways, I haven't took to much time in to making a character (Stuck using a friends PS3) an I seen some better ones then this, I see some of the cat girl from DarkStalkers.

Daver2960d ago

if you kill it, it gives you a block

akiraburn2960d ago

Heh, I'm looking into what you use Sticky White stuff for as well, but I can tell you that it's a Demon's Souls reference. One of the items you get in Demon's Souls is called Sticky White Stuff.

That white creature gives you a large chunk of money if you kill him, but he moves really fast and can run away quick after getting a cheap hit or two in. You'll notice that those white blobs and the large blue dragons are random appearances. The dragon you should be very careful of though, because for quite a while he can mess you up bad.

I've recently finished making a couple custom characters. So far I've re-created Mega Man the best that I can (doesn't look quite as amazing as I was hoping though, but still, it's Mega Man!) and I'm working on recreating Link now, though I've seen some pretty good ones already of him floating around.

AshleyRiot2960d ago

Pretty cool. There's a lot of good ones out there. I'm running around as Boba Fett atm. Working on Raziel and Skywarp.

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The story is too old to be commented.