Grand Theft Auto V Wishlist

At anytime there’s a highly anticipated game, a article like this will certainly pop up. After GTAIV was released, a hell of a lot of people were disappointed and confused. A hefty amount of people were confused because the game got many perfect review scores but the game was far from perfect.

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-Alpha2981d ago

Why does everybody call it GTA V?

It's going to be GTA: [Insert City Name Here]

GTA V will be the next gen name.

I want everything they had in San Andreas and all the stuff they've dropped in previous games: for example, being able to rob a store and buying property like in Vice City, etc.

I want a great map that mixes urban and rural areas. I LOVE Rural areas and nature and GTA San Andreas was amazing for it. I truly loved San Andreas city the most. Awesome mix of the hood, the upper class, and the forests and deserts.

BannedForNineYears2981d ago

Good point.........
And btw, "4. More customisation options" spelling fail. -_-

Government Cheese2980d ago

Alphamale, thats not necessarily true. I understand your reasoning, because the PS2 generation had just GTA III and then it was Vice City and San Andreas with no number in the name. Because they took place in the same era, the III era. It is debatable though that the IV era is over, but this time around they just had the DLC (TLAD and TBOGT) instead of full games like VC and SA.

Some more reasons as to why this gen could have both IV and V, is looking at the first GTA's. The first Grand Theft Auto, as well as GTA London 1969 were the first era which were both on PS1. GTA II was on PS1 as well. So the era's in GTA aren't restricted to one per console generation.

Dsnyder2981d ago

Im glad im not the only one who realizes it will not be called GTA5...

Id give you a bubble but you cant have more than 3 anyway...

Elimin82981d ago

But i thunk they should drop the numbers from all titles or sequel. That way if one of them out the series "Here's looking at you DMC 2" Isn't good we don't have to worry about our collection being tainted..

My 2Cents...

sid4gamerfreak2981d ago

i want it to be a bit like saints row 2, no take its environment too seriously and realistically. My wish list:

1. Polished gameplay and not too realistic
2. Better graphics (obviously)
3. Offline co-op
4. Better storyline, more engaging
5. Bigger and better map (more mix of environments and people)

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itani2981d ago

I thought GTAIII's city to be the best one. I actually memorised where everything was in that city. It was a really memorable and dark city with rarely any sunlight. It was the game that started it all.

villevalorox2981d ago

I have to disagree, I thought Vice City was the best city, the bright colors and theme is what I found amazing! The story was great to if you ask me. I had the most memories with Vice City. But surely III, VC, and SA will always be in my top 10 fav games.

anti-fanboy2980d ago

I agree with you Vice City was the best I remembered my way around III and Vice City. Every time I think about GTAIII I always see dark gray bland colors and when I think about VC I see colors and bright lights and beaches in my head.

gtamike1232981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Just don't make it as bad as GTA4, realism killed the fun.

ThatArtGuy2981d ago

Saint's Row 2 is your game. Play that instead.

-Ikon-2981d ago


gtamike1232981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Car disappear too much if you don't look at them. (Saint's Row 2)

gtamike1232981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

I do play the old GTAs as they are better.
gta 3
gta vice city
gta san andreas
gta liberty city stories
gta vice city stories

villevalorox2981d ago

Agree, the realism sucked balls. I hate not being able to drive my car down the road and make a 90 degree turn at 150mph. Also I really miss the diversity that gta SA had, If we could have the scale and diversity that sa had and the theme of vice city I would go fn crazy!

Hanif-8762981d ago

Realism made it better it didn't kill it. Also, the physics in GTA IV is just brilliant its the reason i still play the game and i really like the realistic approach Rockstar took with it. If i wanted a cartoony game i'd buy "Saints Row" and the sales of that game didn't come anywhere near GTA IV.

itani2981d ago

GTA sold a lot because of its name, not because Rockstar took a realistic approach to it.

Charlie_Shene2981d ago

True but thats because the GTAs were and still are some of the best games around period including GTA4.

SeanRL2981d ago

Horribly unprofessional article, but good points.

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