Little BIg Planet 2 - What's New?

An explosion of LBP 2 information. A PS3 classic in the making.

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villevalorox2861d ago

LBP:2 FTW! OMG CANT WAIT! I really want this game! The freaking graphics are amazing. Buy day 1 :)

dhammalama2861d ago

LBP: 2 looks INCREDIBLE! I can't wait to play it!

-Alpha2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Oh my God, why is the spelling so BAD?

This is pretty much regurgitated news, but I'm hoping that they get rid of the silly "Planet Navigation". It was just a little too clumsy. They used to have a Facebook-like setup in their earliest trailers and that was honestly much better looking.

rmedtx8882861d ago

LBP was the best game I had ever played. Adding all these features to an already awesome game will definitely make it the best game ever created. If you haven't played LBP... do it. The game rocks.