Save $500 USD Thanks to Sega

Steam is running an insane deal at the moment in conjunction with Sega where you can buy nearly 30 games and save $500.

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luiti12867d ago

seriously this is hot news football manager + empire total war woo is that avp? its gonna be epic.

aside that, poisen whats so lame about this article?


Pretty sweet indeed. Now if Sega could finally make another GOOD Sonic game...

On a related note: The title reminded me of "599 US Dollars" and all of the YouTube video remixes of it. For what you get, $599 isn't a bad deal but it was pretty funny how it inspired a ton of remixes.

darkmurder2867d ago

Why is this article thanks to Sega? Its thanks to Valve....

FURY__UNLEASHED2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

The article says: "Sega is running a week long promotion with a new game each day being heavily discounted."

It's thanks to Sega because Sega is running the promo.

chak_2867d ago

valve do not decide prices, publisher do

MajestieBeast2867d ago

Ye its a insane bundle with sega racing avp empire total war. I still wish it included that vikings game did that come out for pc?

kaveti66162867d ago

DAMN that sounds awesome.

GrilledCheeseBook2867d ago

theses deals are always so tempting

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The story is too old to be commented.