Does UFC 2010 have too many fighters in the game?

"So many of you immediately went into this article with an answer to that question based on a quick gut reaction, and I can’t blame you for that in the least. When it comes to options in video games, more is almost certainly better. But is this a case where less might actually mean more? Let’s take a look.

To me, the most frustrating thing with any fighting game is to pop in the disc expecting a certain number of fighters only to realize that almost all of the “different” fighters are just reskins with the same exact move sets and nearly identical stats. To me, this was a huge problem in last year’s UFC game, but THQ has made it clear that this year’s game should not feel like that. The problem is can we trust them?"

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shoinan2928d ago

As too many fighters. Ever.

cain1412928d ago

Personally, I'd rather have 10 very different fighters than 25 fighters that all fit a 5 fighter mold and just look different

midi2928d ago

This is the key thing. It doesn't matter how many characters there are as long as each is distinctive and unique.

Time_Is_On_My_Side2928d ago

I would have to agree with that one, Dragonball Z/GT games fail to have that. If you learn combos for one fighter, you pretty much know the combos for all the fighters.

BetaChris2928d ago

As long as each fighter doesn't feel like some wonky clone, I say the more the merrier.

cain1412928d ago

I agree whole heartedly.

edgeofblade2928d ago

That's right. Throw some robots in there. Maybe some kangaroos with boxing gloves. And... now get a pen and paper because this is one of those million dollar ideas... a dinosaur... WITH BOXING GLOVES!

Baka-akaB2928d ago

Of course there is such a thing as too many in more hardcore 3d and 2d fighters ...

But i doubt anime fighting games , westrling/mma stuff , got to worry as much about balances , and complete uniqueness of characters .

They whole gimmick is precisely set around letting you play your anime/ufc/raw/smackdown/wwe heroes , so the more the merrier

mourningwould2928d ago

I remember when we were told that there would be no clones in Brawl, so yeah...

cain1412928d ago

Yeah I was bummed when I noticed how similar some are...

mourningwould2928d ago

Beyond similar, Lucario is an almost exact clone of Mewtwo.

Darkfocus2928d ago

lucario is nothing like mewtwo with the exception of aura sphere and they took mewtwo out of the game. the only clones where falco,fox and wolf but they still varied enough to be different

Magical Nate2928d ago

Personally I not only hope that there arent clones, but that you can feel a difference between weight classes...I'm a dreamer I know.

mourningwould2928d ago

Isn't that one of the proposed features of EA's MMA game?

NastyLeftHook2928d ago

the more fighters the better. n4g burn this article.

I HARLEM I2928d ago

gracie jujitsu militech system etc etc.........