Mass Effect 2 Patch Now Available; Full Details Revealed

The next time you play Mass Effect 2 while logged in on the Xbox Live, a patch will become available for download.


The site is now up again. Sorry for the inconvenience

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ShadyDevil2866d ago

Finally, they improved the scanning of minerals.

MightyMark4272866d ago

Where's the Overlord DLC announcement?

tommyth3cat2866d ago

I honestly never expected them to patch the talent point glitch. Glad they did though it takes the temptation away.

BeaArthur2866d ago

I wasn't even aware of a point glitch. It would be nice to be able to max out all of my stuff.

joydestroy2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

i wonder if they fixed the issue where sometimes i would turn the camera with my weapon out, and the camera would turn but not my player

gamingisnotacrime2865d ago

how exactly are they improving the mineral scanning?

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