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There’s no point having a sprawling landscape if you can't fill it with tons of s*** to do in between the regular missions. GTAIV has the occasional stranger to help out in Liberty City. Just Cause 2 has a stack of things to blow up around Panau. And Far Cry 2 has, erm? . Anyway, Red Dead Redemption and its miles of dusty land between different towns and villages could’ve wound up a joyless trek to wander across. But, holy crap, there’s so much stuff to do here that you need never be bored.

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vickers5002801d ago

Hurry up and come out already.

El_Colombiano2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

That's what she said.

EDIT: @*&^[email protected]^&%#^&!!!!!! !!!!! Beat me to the punch!!

tinybigman2801d ago

even though i've never played the first one.

btw i'm not trying to start anything but can someone please tell me what Gamerankings and Metacritic have to gain by not putting the Eurogamer score of 8 up for the 360, and only for the PS3 when the review clearly states it's for both.

please explain this to me because my friend and i find this really stupid.

Marceles2801d ago

"Is it better than...GTAIV?

No. But only just. It's highly subjective but personally we prefer pissing about in Banshees around Star Junction than riding a horse about. And the story of Niko is more involving and interesting than John Marston's."

Kinda surprised to hear that, but they did say highly subjective

bjornbear2801d ago

as a big GTA fan i didn't, and im hoping RDR completes me in the ways GTA IV didn't:

actually making me want to play it beyond the story.

Lumbo2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )


The restrictive structure of GTA4 was a letdown after GTA3:SA and the repetitive missions did not help either.

iceman062800d ago

kept me into GTAIV was the story. The rest was kind of a gimping of the various activities that were present in previous GTA games...especially Vice City and San Andreas. That being said...this wild west twist could provide a great template for a storyline. Guess I'll be waiting until tomorrow to find out!!!

Morituri2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

These kinds of open world games are a double edged sword. There's so much to do which is a plus. But the general Long- windedness of most of these tales can develop into a real drag if the gameplay mechanics have not been streamlined to keep you from getting tired of playing the game. It doesn't bother me too much to not finish them, but I'm hoping that this time we have an exception.

But really looking forward to playing this in my spare time. I haven't played a really good western game as of yet.

iceman062800d ago

I usually complete these open world games on a pick up and play basis. Sometimes, I'll play just for the mechanics of shooting and causing chaos. Then, sometimes I actually try to advance the story. This leads to unfinished games at times (like GTA IV). But, no less fun in the process. I don't see myself finishing Just Cause 2 for quite a while because of this. RDR might be in the same boat. Especially with the fact that there is an online component!

Darkstorn2801d ago

I keep hearing that this game in insanely easy. I guess we'll have to find out...preordered on Amazon, but not shipping until May 24th :(

iceman062800d ago

It really depends on your play style. Much like the GTA franchise, you can make as much or as little trouble for yourself. The broadcaster spent 2 hours taking requests on what to do in the game. It was quite hilarious! He seemed to be pretty good, and about 25% completion, and he died multiple times. However, that could be because he had a bounty of almost $5000 and was hunted at almost every turn. Either way, I can't wait to find out!!!

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