A One-Console Future - the Horror, the Horror

Dan Crabtree of TheGameReviews writes: "It seems counterintuitive to believe that the consolidation of video games into a single, universal console spells bad news for gamers. What could be better, after all, than the end of the console wars and of that ’I wish I could play that exclusive title’ feeling? We all want that, right? The truth is a one console future would be a bigger drain on our wallets and on developers’ creativity than many think, though it’s not entirely gloom and doom."

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cain1412926d ago

I like Heart of Darkness lol...

360RRODFIX2926d ago

Last year i was against one console future, now i am for it....and it should be Playstation 4

shoinan2926d ago

That's not gonna happen.

BetaChris2926d ago

Personally, I think OnLive is missing the mark - their vision of eliminating the competition, with a single, fee based cloud distribution platform is amazingly short sighted. As with any cloud storage system, there is no such thing as 100% uptime. What happens if the user isn't connected to the internet? Or, for that matter, what safe guards are in place to ensure the infrastructure can handle the sure to be astronomical traffic (especially in terms of a new release title?)

Raypture2926d ago

Cloud Computing is horrible, it's ubisofts DRM on steroids, it may seem convienient at first glance but lets look at some facts here.

-They go under and you lose EVERYTHING you bought from them seeing as how its stored on their servers
-Your ISP messes up and the internet goes out you will have NOTHING to do
-You have to pay money on to play your games, not just to play them online.

People will argue b-but hard drives aren't 100% reliable

really? Nothings 100% reliable, I've had this computer for 4 years and have never had any problems with the hard drive. discs on the other hand are a different story, if you're that concerned about it buy a few backup drives and put them in RAID 5 or use auto-backup software with a external one.

cloud computing is just a big mess waiting to happen, and you can bring up the upgrade argument but it's rubbish, things need upgraded every once in a while, like your car, you wouldn't drive the same car for twenty years, you'd get it upgraded with newer and better parts or buy a new one altogether. Not to mention that the servers WILL fail when a big game gets released on them, just to stress my point google processes about 1PB of data a day, which is 1000 Terrabytes, a terabyte is 1000 Gigabytes, google transmits their small image thumbnail and text, imagine doing that with hours video a day to millions of clients, that petabyte google uses a day is suddenly very small, and the upload capacity just isn't there for that.

midi2925d ago

OnLive makes me very nervous as long as it is the only cloud based service. As soon as there is competition pricing should drop for consumers and DRM will fall by the wayside (iTunes anyone?).