EA: Bungie deal still possible

CVG: Publisher admits it lost out to Activision over new IP; Sets sights on 'second project'.

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DA_SHREDDER2652d ago

If EA can get Bungie, than they could possibly start making their own consoles. I think thats what they are trying to do.

N4GAddict2652d ago

Making a console requires a lot of $. EA will stay as a software company.

barom2652d ago

I agree

and add that to the fact that EA is still in trouble financially

Persistantthug2652d ago

They'll continue with Software.

I'm kind of surprised they haven't taken a good shot at the WOW title yet.

ShinMaster2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Awww, for a moment there I thought it was about EA owning Bungie.
Which would translate into no more Halo games for Microsoft! Finally! hehehe

Lol jk jk!

[on topic]
I wonder what type of game it would be.

dtalon32652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

they are making it...well IMO it is gonna be best MMO out (I HOPE!)

it is Star wars:The old republic

asdr3wsfas2652d ago

remember 3dO? EA was the top shareholder.

Inside_out2652d ago

WOW...any doubt EA is crossing the line...first whispering in IW ears and now Bungie.....These guys are desperate...

DeadlyFire2651d ago

One day maybe, but that day is far off. Likely if any such thing would ever happen it would be in partnership with another massive publisher or maybe someone like Apple, but alone it is not likely. EA doesn't always produce or publish top notch games. I do respect them for giving more developers a chance than most other publishers though.

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the-show-stopper2652d ago

everybody wants a piece of the bungie money making pie

ShadowRyuX2652d ago

It is really Halo and Microsoft's marketing that made Halo, sure there are a good amount of Bungie hardcore, but what put Halo past 10m sales is marketing. Still I have no doubt that there next game will sell really well, but I wouldn't expect another Halo.

Well that is my opinion on the matter anyways

siyrobbo2652d ago

You say that like activision never had a massive hit like call of duty or guitar hero

ShadowRyuX2652d ago

I realize that the MW games are huge hits, but those were kind of like "freak accidents", in fact if you read interviews Activision didn't want IW to make Modern Warfare, but they did and a lot of people liked the move away from WWII and then it started to spread like wildfire. And Guitar Hero is barely relevant anymore ever since Rockband. Not to mention [email protected] did poorly compared to MW and MW2.

jdktech20102652d ago

so much Bungie love....and I can't disagree with it all

dizzleK2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

just be sure to have $10 to play it online.

i can't be the only one wondering why the F sony hasn't commissioned an exclusive from them, am i?

palaeomerus2652d ago

Not many third party publishers are interested in doing exclusives these days. The