Microsoft Calls $200 Natal Pricing Rumor "Pure Speculation"

This weekend there were rumors swirling that the upcoming motion-camera hardware for the Xbox 360, currently going by the name Project Natal, would cost somewhere around a whopping $200; coming out of off-shore retail websites. The story was first picked up by gaming website Kotaku and then spread around the internet faster than most forest fires. As with all rumors we were very weary at first, and shot off an e-mail to Microsoft spokesman Aaron Greenberg for an official response, his quote is below:

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LaurenKB1232867d ago

I have to assume Mr. Greenberg is correct; they CANNOT charge anywhere near $200 for Natal, otherwise it will FAIL

darthv722867d ago

$100 may seem like allot as well. My guess is $79.99

HolyOrangeCows2867d ago

He didn't deny it.


Anon19742867d ago

They could even make it sound like it's a deal. Think about it. A Wii-Mote with Wii-Motion plus (so the damn things work like they should have from the start) will cost you $60. Then slap on a Nunchuk and you're at $85. If you've got to do this with two kids you're almost at $200 already. A family? Forget about it. Natal at $200 for a family would actually save them money compared to buying all the Wii-mote's, motion plus- nun chuk controllers and that's not even counting batteries or recharge kits.

However, I think the optics of $200 Natal is terrible. It doesn't matter that for a family it'll probably save them money over a Wii. No one's going to see it that way.

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Smkt2867d ago

of course it wont be $200... it'll be $199.99

SPARTANVI2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

that the price of a peripheral will match the price of the console itself.

I'll eat crow if I'm wrong. Figuratively speaking.

iceman062866d ago

Exactly how do you like your crow???*LOL* j/k I don't think it will be $200 either. MS have enough to subsidize the cost with other profit streams (like XBLA). They need to get this into as many hands as possible to make it "successful". The only way this is possible is by keeping the costs effective for consumers. I don't expect it to be more than the Move packages just for competition's sake. Guess E3 will tell all.

Death24942867d ago

right. Besides is already been said that Microsoft is bundling Natal with the xbox360s. I think it's going to be like around $79.99 or $99.99. But Microsoft is not going to price it over that.

-Ikon-2867d ago

Betting it will be $100 OR MORE, NO MATTER what. This is MS and its new product after all.

sikbeta2867d ago

Of course it has to be pure speculations, $200 is too much just for an Accessory like natal....

Double Toasted2867d ago

He better hope its pure speculation, or it will obviously equal fail. Which in turn will make those Move fans have wet dreams, lol.

omegaheat2867d ago

I've beeen thinking. After reading this, most people may agree that this would be the best future pricing for 360 and Natal. When you consider that an HDD costs above $100, and an external wireless adapter costs $100, it doesn't make since that any of these two peripherals would cost more than Natal if the initial alleged price of $79 is true. If I look at it from another perspective, it's also ridiculous that the 360 arcade SKU is only $200 bucks. There's something seriously wrong with Microsoft's pricing department. If Microsoft wants to relaunch the 360+Natal sucessfully, a couple of things have to happen. 1.The new alledged redesign must have wifi built in, it just makes since. 2.The DVD drive must have slot loading, even the Wii has this for crying out load. 3.I would suggest that every console comes with a hard drive, but I guess the alternative to that was the annoucement of the flashdrive compatibility for those who don't need the larger hard drives like some of us. Still, I've tried to fathom a redesign of the 360, but because of the size and design of the HDD, I can't see what direction the designers will go to make the console noticeably smaller and more attractive. The only thing I can see is doing away with the wireless adapter by including built in wifi, and fixing the issue of the overly expensive HDD. Price the Natal+360+game bundle with wifi and some reasonable memory storage for $299, and even the financially cautious consumer couldn't resist. This would give Microsoft the chance to bring the arcade SKU to $179 because of the cheaper design model. They would surely win the holiday season

GWAVE2867d ago

Microsoft charges for online when no one else does.

They could charge $500 for it and convince the media and North American gamers to buy it anyway.

Patrick2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Maybe its a bit less, but maybe he called it speculation cause its actually more, although I dont see that happening.

But think about all this thing is supposed to do. Why do yall insist that the ability to self level itself with its own motor, use two cameras to recognize objects, track your entire body, do voice recognition and skeleton mapping, in a 3D space, to more than one person at a time, in the dark, will only be worth $75? I mean.. thats just sounds about stupid.
MS could very well do it, but... it would be unlike MS to do it. They have spent a ton of money and time on this thing. They had to BUY a company for it. Not just create it like Nintendo and Sony did with Wii and Move, but they actually had to purchase a company and then recreate it to work like they wanted it to... And I am not saying it will be some great thing either, cause just from what I have seen so far, I honestly think it will suck. That however doesn't change the fact that they have spent much to obtain and create it. Yet somehow you 360 guys think they can afford to just sell it for about as much as Sony sells the PSeye.... uh huh.. ok. Whatever.

ThanatosDMC2865d ago

Maybe they're testing the waters first with a leak?

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ClownBelt2867d ago

Hmm I don't know...that face looks fishy...

eagle212867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

it always does. :)

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SuperStrokey11232867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Not exactly a denial...

Disagrees cause i pointed out that its not a denial, not saying it will happen but that its not a denial lol. Oh N4G you make me laugh.

Wikkid6662867d ago

Not denying... because I bet MS doesn't even know what they are going to charge. $200 would just be stupid.

Too much competition for any price even close to that.

Move is going to be around $60 to $100.... Natal will do the same. PERIOD

NJShadow2867d ago

That's exactly what my first thought was. Calling it pure speculation would lead many to think that it's in the $200 ballpark, simply because they didn't flat-out deny it.

vhero2867d ago

I agree with that they haven't denied the $200 price point..

JasonPC360PS3Wii2867d ago

Microsoft Calls $200 Natal Pricing Rumor "Pure Speculation"

That would be a denial because they didn't say "Pure Speculation... kinda"

Think guys

SuperStrokey11232867d ago

No, denial would be "this is false" or "they are wrong" or "Natal will be 79.99". Calling something speculation in no way shape or form makes it incorrect, it doesnt make it correct either but it certainlin is not a denial.

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