Xbox Red Dead Redemption Horse Chase Gameplay.

Some New Red Dead Redemption Gameplay by Rockstar Games.

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Joni-Ice2926d ago

Cant wait to get mine delivered.

RPcinemas2926d ago

I spent a lot of time recording this :)

mrv3212926d ago

Thanks for the direct feed.

RPcinemas2926d ago

no problem...please check out our youtube channel for more gameplay coming soon !

Spydiggity2926d ago

you just click capture... i didn't know 3/4 of a second was a lot of time.

def lookin forward to this game. i just checked amazon though and it says it hasn't shipped yet even though i paid for delivery day shipping. they must have a place right up the road or something...

sixaxis2926d ago

incredible game. just phenomenal

RPcinemas2926d ago

The game is amazing...i love it

Tripl3seis2926d ago

this is awesome im getting it during the weekend i love western games i dont understand why they dont make this type of games they are awesome ;)

BannedForNineYears2926d ago

Stream here
So who really cares about a clip of it? -_-

bjornbear2926d ago

but want to have a little taste here and there of ambiguous gameplay

thats who.

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