Vandal Online: Red Dead Redemption Review

Rockstar has taken the winning formula of Grand Theft Auto and adapted it to the Wild West, as it were expected, but also has expressed all the juice that can give that environment adjustment, adapted myths and the icons of that time and the films it exceeds, combining it everything to obtain one of the best games of the year that, by its unique character, does not have rival, and who everybody, except for that detests the sort, would have to try.

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AliTheBrit192959d ago

Yeah I'm starting to think that.

I love you Rockstar, I really do, you produce the highest quality calibre of games.

Double Toasted2959d ago

We get it, its an awesome game. I hope n4g isn't like this tomorrow, damn.

electricshadow2959d ago

22 more hours and I'll have this game! Ugh! I can't wait!

PrimordialSoupBase2959d ago

Great game, and an improvement over GTA IV, but some odd fail states and limitations to the world linger. Also, Rockstar needs to re-gauge the value of mini games. I'd rather them spend time and money on the game itself rather than a game within a game that people rarely play past the tutorial.

Jackel20722959d ago

not any more. it would seem they have been removed...