Ubisoft reveals ACII Complete Edition

Game-with-DLC SKU stalking to shelves on June 4th.

Ubisoft will release a new retail version of Assassin’s Creed II in June.

Dubbed the Complete Edition, this SKU includes a full copy of the game and both DLC expansions: The Battle of Forli and Bonfire of the Vanites.

It also includes three Templar Secret locations that were previously only available in the special Assassin’s Creed II: Black Edition, according to

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dangert122862d ago

i knew it was coming and 6mnths later? worth the wait getting it at normal price =)

JoySticksFTW2861d ago

I waited also, only because I couldn't keep up with all of the amazing games that's been released since winter. Not enough time to play these games and my wallet was screaming

2862d ago
Briefcase Joe2862d ago

This will not sell well. I don't see why they are releasing it.

Blaze9292862d ago

yeah they should call it Assassins Creed II: The Edition We Didn't Purposely Take Content Out of to Release a Complete Edition Six Months Later

JL2862d ago

It's funny: people get excited about these "complete editions" all the time. But turn to the movie side of things and they get up in arms about studios releasing Movie X one month, then about 6months down the line they release "Movie X the Director's Cut/Special Edition". I don't see the difference really. Yet for some reason people eat it up here.

Personally I don't have a problem with it. Just funny seeing the two different reactions to pretty much the same situation. For me I buy movies and games just for the core game or movie, so I'm never worried about those extras.

Will not be buying this either. I see no point whatsoever in buying two copies of the same game. I already have ACII and I'm just now finishing it up.

bruddahmanmatt2862d ago

People who don't like double dips from video game companies don't like double dips from film companies either, so I dunno WTH you're talking about. I don't mind if there's a "true" director's cut like say with Ridley Scott's "Kingdom of Heaven" where the DC is the director's true vision. What I don't like are films billed as DCs where the director isn't even involved with the release and all the additions consist of are reinserted deleted scenes.

The same thing can be said about games. I don't mind if DLC is completed AFTER a game's release and added into a "complete edition" a few months or a year down the road (LBP GOTY, Fallout 3 GOTY, Midnight Club: LA Complete Edition). What I don't like are games where content is purposely withheld at launch and then doled out at a later date for additional scratch (this game and pretty much anything from Activision, Capcom or 2K Games).

XsteveJ2861d ago

I'm as disgusted with this as I am with double dip DVD releases. As a buyer of AC2 when it came out, it really sucks to see an edition get released later called the "Complete Edition." So...are you saying that I bought an incomplete game? WTF?

noxeven2862d ago

Its just gonna replace the current new copy and 3-6 months no one will care.

Cheeseknight282862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

I guess this explains why the price on the first edition kept dropping.

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