Eurogamer Spain: Red Dead Redemption Review

At first sight it is a revolutionary game but if you let yourself to be carried away by the stories of the West, you will find that many more hidden secrets which you could only imagine. The sandbox formula has not been stagnant, it has taken a step forward.

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movements2959d ago

Does it again. Awesomeness.

Horny2959d ago

it actually was pretty good, not as good as reviewers made it out to be but it wasnt crap like guys on N4G seem to think it is. Yes it lacked a lot of features but the final package was still entertaining.

klado2959d ago

It was, so there Rock does it again.

AliTheBrit192959d ago

GTA 4 Wasn't good

GTA 4 Was incredible

A Masterpiece

And sorry Harry, but believe me on this, I could break it down for you on a point to point basis, you have absolutely no valid argument to make GTA 4 come even close to seeming anything less than pure AAA material.

Make my day, try.

Rock Bottom2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

GTA IV was an awesome game, but it's faaaar from the 98% score it got on meta, the game just had so many short coming, even compared to some last gen GTA games.

GTAIV suffered heavily from what I like to call "Slow Car Chases Missions Syndrome": A lot of the missions were scripted, chasing a car you can "never" catch up to no matter how fast you go, even if you were driving a much faster car, just because the car you're chasing is supposed to make it to a certain place to trigger an event. What's even worst is that if you don't drive fast that un-catch-able car will slow down for you?! Which means there's no need to drive fast in those missions, because it's useless, and you can get through just by driving comfortably while easily avoiding the traffic.
Of course, this was not the case of every car chase in the game, but it took the freedom GTA games are known for from a lot of missions, it ruined every single one of those missions for me.

That's one of the many problems GTVIV had, I need something to eat right now, but I can name more flows later if you want. For me, GTAIV will always be a solid 8 game, nothing more.

On topic: Nice score, can't wait to put my hand on RDR.

NeoBasch2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Agreed. GTA IV wasn't a Triple A game, nor anything close to a masterpiece. It was an excellent game for sure. Very entertaining, but there were just way too many flaws. Then again, I'm pretty harsh on games. I'd rate GTA IV an 8/10 as well. Same grade I've given to Gears of War and Resistance: Fall of Man. That's if you care to put it into perspective. Again, opinions are a fickle *****. You're free to have your own, just don't go around expecting everyone's going to treat it like the second coming. By the way, Triple A games are completely subjective.

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SpitFireAce852959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Here i come cant wait 9hrs to go EST lol.See you
all out there in the wild west.

Horny2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

same here, had today off just took a nap after the gym and getting it in 3 hrs, cant wait
+bubble just cuz im happy its coming

rajman2959d ago

What is the point on having a Eurogamer Germany & Eurogamer Spain review for this game? Why not just the one review from Eurogamer

Baba19062959d ago

because they are different reviewers?

diefor2959d ago

Because they are not the same. ^^