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"Rockstar Wrangles The Best Video Game Western Of All Time. With high noon duels, lawless frontiers, and gruff leading men, the Western genre seemingly has all the essential pieces to make a smooth transition into video games. But as past six-shooters like Dead Man’s Hand, Call of Juarez, Gun, and Red Dead Revolver found out, dressing your scruffy hero in a duster and giving him a revolver isn’t enough to captivate audiences accustomed to firing rocket-propelled grenades and light machine guns. For Rockstar’s first full-fledged effort in the genre (the company purchased Red Dead Revolver from Capcom), it decided to do what it does best – explore the topic at hand with an immersive open world."

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Faztkiller2803d ago

Read Dead Redemption + Alan Wake + Slit/Second = Me Broke Tomorrow

StanLee2803d ago

Yeah. I already got Alan Wake and Read Dead Redemption. If you preordered at GameStop you can pick it up today.

deadreckoning6662803d ago

Why don't u just buy one of them on release day and buy the other two later. Amazon drops prices for games pretty quick these days :)

Faztkiller2803d ago

I buying them from Gamefly for like $45each as soon as they send u a game u can keep it for used price I'll have to wait till Wednesday for it and Friday for the case but it's worth it

tatotiburon2803d ago

i pre-order alan wake and rdr with amazon and now i'm waiting my us$40 preorder bonnus

JokesOnYou2803d ago

Alan Wake and Red Dead are going to keep me plenty busy all the way up until E3, I'm not interested in Split Second although it looks like a helluva game I don't just dont have room for many racers with so much left to do in Forza3 still, either way it seems gamers are spoiled with theres so many qualities games no matter what kind you prefer.


Faztkiller2803d ago

I wasn't interested in split/second till I played the demo and decided I had to have it also the same with Modnation next week got to have it

Inside_out2803d ago

This is turning into an expensive month...AW...RDR...gonna have to rent Lost Planet 2....

AliTheBrit192803d ago

For me its Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake and maybe Prince of Persia!

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pody2803d ago

What a stupid rating, why cant these reviewer just give the 10 for the awesome games. They have to be so extremly nitpicky!

iamgoatman2803d ago

Maybe because they didn't think it deserved a 10? I don't think any game deserves a perfect score, as no game is perfect.

I'm always skeptical of reviewers who hand out 10s all over the place.

Horny2803d ago

too many ppl complained about GTA4 getting perfect scores.
Give it a few weeks and you will get ppl downplaying this game too.
I dont really care I enjoyed GTA4 and Im damn sure going to enjoy this, I loved the first one and I like western games in general. Picking this up at Midnight.

SPARTANVI2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

I'll simply say that a perfect 10 (or even 0) is like a asymptote you might have learned about in calculus. One can get very very close to it, but never quite touch perfection.

Perhaps they should add a few more decimal places. :P

Myst2803d ago

Sucks that this didn't come out a week ago when my Hiatus was in session...Oh well three days of playing it non-stop should be enough.

Ryuha1234h2803d ago

Great score, I'm defenetly picking this game up.

Meave2803d ago

Can't wait to pick this up!!

BTW That chick they put on the right for the Macbook adds is HOT, who is she?

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