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Silence, broken with a gunshot. It’s the way of things in westerns. Mexican stand-offs, duels at noon, the bandit pursued across the desert; movies teach us that everything ends with a bullet. Rockstar understands this, and certainly understands bullets. Lead in Red Dead Redemption hits hard. It’s a combination of noisy, mechanical guns and, in Euphoria, a physics engine that plays along. Bullets snap heads backwards and rip men from the saddle. GTAIV’s modern weapons spit bullets like angry hornets until a health circle depletes; here, lives end in uncompromising fashion. For the western aficionado, it is viciously accurate; for the fan of wanton sandbox carnage, it is comically frank.

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tatotiburon2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

i don't see this game getting any 8's or even 7's anytime soon


Wrathman2987d ago

they are hard to please.

i think this might be the best game ever made according to the reviews

barom2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Lets not get too carried away with the scores. GTA IV was a big letdown (at least for me).

Trey_4_life2987d ago

what are you on about GTA4 was a classic game, i played over 200 hours and still had fun with the dlc and free roam online.

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Pillville2987d ago

You can always count on Eurogamer to bring down the Metacritic score. They gave it 80.

RedDevils2987d ago

that EuroGamer for ya, they always try and do their best :)


reviews only count for the PS3 version of multiplatform game, as the 360 review is nowhere to be seen and it oviously put the score of the PS3 version down compared to the 360 one...typical METACRITIC BS!!


ATLGAMER2987d ago ShowReplies(1)
Karlnag32987d ago

I wish people would stop declaring stuff GOTY... we all know there's a while left yet. We also know all the good games will be released towards the end of the year (eg last year UC2, which was GOTY 09).

deadreckoning6662987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

"i don't see this game getting any 8's or even 7's anytime soon


Ur GOTY the year...not mine. Btw, have you even played it urself yet???

TheGamer2987d ago

GOTY in the same year as GOW3? I don't think so!!!!

Charlie_Shene2987d ago

GOW3 was an amazing game but i dont think it will be GOTY probaly just a runner up.

TripleAAARating2987d ago

My name is Triple A and I approve this Review

avengers19782986d ago

Red Dead came in and stole the thunder from every game coming out this month. Mod nation Racers, Mario Galaxy 2, and Alan Wake. RDR is on fire, and is reviewing better than all those exclusives.
GI Review: MNR 8.5; SMG2 9.25; and AW 8.5
RDR 9.75

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dkgshiz2987d ago

It better not be just hype this time.

raztad2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I have the feeling this game is GTA4 all over again. I'm gonna wait for gamers feedback.

All I have seen is how the reviews praise "the living environment" and the engrossing story, thats nice and all but the same was said about GTA4.

Eurogamer gave it a 8 saying the combat mechanics was flawed and dated.

table2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

The difference this time though is that this game didn't have any hype. GTA4 reviews may have been influenced by the buzz long before the reviews came out but I think it's different in this case, RDR seemed to pop out from nowhere. GTA4 was still a great game though even if it was overrated.

BeaArthur2987d ago

I actually liked GTA4. It was my least favorite in the franchise but I still enjoyed it. I'm sure I will enjoy this one as well.

DMason2987d ago

I can assure you that its not overhyped raztad. Ive been playing it since friday, and yes it does have some of the core mechanics youd see in gta, it is nothing like gta when it comes to gameplay. It truly feels like a living, breathing world.

Example: i was walkiing into a town, and i heard gunshots in the distance. I turn around to see a group of bandits shooting their guns in the air, dragging a hogtied woman behind a horse. I shoot all of them except one, who starts galloping off into the desert. I pull out my rifle, steady my aim, and shoot. In the distance i see him flop over the side of horse and get dragged to death through the desert.

The way that event made me feel cannot be described. It is something only seen in a movie, and a scene that cannot be replicated twice in a video game.

I can assure that this game is more than hype. It is brutal. It is satisfying. It is the real deal.

Alvadr2987d ago

RDR has only been hyped this past couple of months. GTAIV was hyped 2years before release.

Besides, GTAIV was, and still is an excellent game. It really annoys me when I hear reviewers talking about how much GTAIV was a disappointment, even though they gave it a 10 at release. *cough* IGN *cough*

Karlnag32987d ago

didn't quite catch the last bit :S you seemed to have a bit of a coughing fit... are you ok? ;)

raztad2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Well, Liberty City was pretty much alive and very believable, the story was deep and mature yet it was not fun for me. GTA4 was too serious for its own good, perhaps I was waiting another over the top, sarcastic and dynamic game, with crazy explosions and mayhem everywhere, but I ended up playing darts and trying to rush through the main story just to finish the game. Glad you enjoyed it though.

RDR looks like following GTA4 mature film-like experience. Dunno if interested. I'll wait. On the other hand, it looks like if you enjoyed GTA4, RDR is a must buy. Go and get it.

NeoBasch2987d ago

I wouldn't say GTA IV was a mature film-like experience though. The story was still very GTA-ish. It didn't feel like The Departed or Goodfellas, or something like that. They could've done so much more if that's their angle. Alas, it's not. So I'd rather they just make it fun.

ManiacMansion2987d ago

Edge is one of the most serious magazines for me.

PrimordialSoupBase2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Mostly excellent writers and well thought out criticism. Users here simply can't grasp the concept that a) a review scale includes the numbers 1 through 7 and b) that a review is questionable or wrong when there is noticeable lack of substantiation or evidence to back up a score - which is never the case for Edge.

Cry moar, children.

gillri2987d ago

i dont understand the GTA4 hate, it was a solid 9 game but not the 97 metascore it currently has, an excellent game but not the second coming alot of reviewer said it was

do you guys not like excellent games?

WMW2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

the problem with gta4 was that it was a step down in every way but graphics from gta sa.

less weapons
less vehicles
smaller map
less missions/side missions
no items like parachutes
not as much character customization
less interesting characters

considering GTA SA was on last gen consoles there is no excuse for GTA$ to have so little in comparison.

DaTruth2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

That is the best explanation of what was wrong with GTA4 I have ever heard. I personally enjoyed the game, but I played SA for a long time after finishing it and it was nothing story related.

There was lots of great stuff in GTA4, most were physics related, but it was lacking compared to SA. Give me a remake of SA on the GTA4 engine and I will be a happy camper!

And also, nobody seemed to figure out that if you told your friends that you would link them and then called them back later and turn tell them you won't come, they don't take it personal and you almost never have to link them. But some guys have some real good perks and it is worth it to play a little darts!

ManGastaS2987d ago

down play GTA4 becouse it is not Sony exclusive! thats all!

meganick2987d ago

GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas ended up on the original XBox, and I don't hear many people bashing those. A lot of people down play GTA 4 because many people genuinely believe it was a letdown, myself included.

bigrob1232987d ago

GTASA was on a refined engine by that point, same thing will happen with what ever spin off rock* make with GTA4, weather it be vice city or what ever city they do next it will have a lot more features than what gta4 did, as it was last gen GTA3<GTAVC<GTASA

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Omar912987d ago

i was never into gta, and when i actually wanted to try it out i bought gta4 and it was boring imo and horrible. i felt like a message boy running around doing errands for people. this game however seems to be different. although the gameplay mechanics maybe similiar, it has this sense of freshness in it which may make me enjoy this alot better then gta4. plus im not running around shooting prostitutes and getting my money back.

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