G4TV Red Dead Redemption Review

"In the interest of saving some of you time, let me start by saying this: If you’re a fan of Grand Theft Auto IV, or even just the idea of GTA, and you like westerns -- and you wanted so much more from Red Dead Revolver, or you missed it completely like I did -- you can stop right here in your internal debate over whether or not to pick up Red Dead Redemption. I might not need to convince of you much more. For the rest of you cowpokes riding the cattle ranch fence about Rockstar San Diego’s amazingly joyous open-world western game, saddle up and leave that skeptical piece of wood behind. Red Dead Redemption is the real McCoy with a bullet… lots of them."

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Faztkiller2928d ago

This may over take GTA4 as highest scored game this gen

niceguywii602928d ago

I hope so but it seems like the game is not getting enough perfect scores out of the gate.

BeaArthur2928d ago

Doubtful. 98 on metacritic will be damn hard for any game to surpass.

Faztkiller2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

If Uncharted 2, GOW3, and ME2 can't I don't know what can GTA4 good game but is Overrated

MiamiACR2928d ago Show
Pennywise2928d ago

MiammiARC - Go outside.

AliTheBrit192928d ago

Well, no matter what its going to be very high up on the list

My bet? Highest scoring game of 2010

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Colonel-Killzone2928d ago

The one reason why GTA4 has a 98 is because it the reviews its based on. Its based on only 64 while uncharted 2 is based on 105. Honestly Uncharted 2 would have easily passed as the highest rated this generation if GTA4 was reviewed by more people. 105 critics = 96 while GTA4 is based on 64 add another 41 and I'm positive GTA4 would have dropped to 92 possibly

bjornbear2928d ago

but i'm sure it was a butt hurt 360 fanboy...

you make perfect sense, and its true, the less reviews you have, the more extreme your score will be (good or bad)

bviperz2928d ago

Which is why Metacritic shouldn't be taken so seriously. It's not as accurate as some people make it out to be. Just the fact that the review sites for each game released aren't the same tells you something, even for games on the same platform.

TheCapto2928d ago

Glad I pre-ordered this on Amazon. Release Date Delivery FTW!