GOONL!NE Review: ModNation Racers

James Love, GOONL!NE writes: The creation side of the game rivals that of LittleBigPlanet, the karting is up near the standard set by Mario. Combine them together and you get a class act of a game. Simple, smart and hugely fun ModNation Racers a must-own title.

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mjolliffe2837d ago

Love it love it love it!

kharma452837d ago

Hopefully the next patch for the game sorts out the loading times, it's the only major blot on it's copy book.

inveni02837d ago

I read a blog post on by United Front Games that explained the load times a little. He said that they were aware of it and were working on it, but that the reason the load times were long is because they thought we'd prefer short downloads to short load times. He said that they tried to make the level system so that the files for the level is as small as possible, saving us from 50MB downloads each time we want to jump into a level. If you ask me, I bet the load time is still shorter than a big download.

xYLeinen2837d ago


I totally agree. Most people don't think twice about anything before they jump to conclusions or start whining about it.

Personally I think the loading time won't matter in the end. Like the developers said, instead of downloading everything you get to load instead. I bet loading is faster than downloading everything and I also think longer loading is a better solution.

You don't need to wait for people to download a map etc. to start a race but everyone simply load the same amount or close.

Brixxer6002837d ago

This game keeps getting excellent scores , really looking forward to getting it this week. It's been a bit overshadowed by the monster that's Red Dead Redemption so i hope they get the sales the game looks to deserve.

jack_burt0n2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

true, people need to remember to buy mod nation!

inveni02837d ago

I've got both on pre-order. (And using the deals I found here on N4G, I saved $15 on RDR and $20 on MNR.)

JL2837d ago

Yea definitely getting both myself too. Both already pre-ordered. In fact, I had ModNation preordered before RDR. While I'm sure RDR is going to be awesome (can't wait), for me ModNation just seems like it's going to be...awesomer (sic). All I know though is both should be great and both are going to be draining ALOT of my time coming up. Luckily I'm just now finishing up Assassin's Creed II (yes I know I'm late to it, but I didn't get it til just recently--cause it got put on the backburner due to other games--very good game btw). But yea, between RDR and ModNation I think my summer is accounted for lol. I feel like a giddy school girl waiting for both of them.

What's going to be rough on me is...I preordered RDR through Amazon (and I never pay for release date delivery), but I preordered ModNation through GameStop (rather my friend preordered it for me to pay me back). So it will end up taking about a week for RDR to get here (I think Amazon holds it back, they always seem to take longer to get here when preordered like that. Maybe so release date delivery choosers don't feel ripped off?). Anyways, RDR coming in the mail in about a week, and since ModNation is preordered in store, I can pick it up day of release. So I'm pretty much going to have both getting into my hands at the same time. It's going to be brutal deciding which one to put in my ps3 first lol.

JL2837d ago

Very very true in my opinion. I think this one is going to go right up there with Super Mario Kart and CTR for me. I can't wait.

edgeofblade2837d ago

It's between this game and Blur right now, but I suppose it's like trying to compare New Super Mario Wii to LBP.

aCHU2837d ago

buyin this sucker ASAP once it hits shelves .. WOOT! for play,creat,share Games :)

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