TheBitBag: Video Game Warzone #88

One this weeks episode:

E3 Stuff
Leo Leporte getting the shaft at E3
Halo Reach
New Site
Thanks to fans
EA charging for online
Bulletstorm trailer
My f**king editorial
GT5 screenshots
Gamestop sh*t

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OOG2960d ago

This episode had a few very heated arguments. One of the main ones dealt with EA's decision to charge $10 on used games for online and another was about the Halo beta.

Skyreno2960d ago

oh yeah is a must watch

BloodyCHAMP2960d ago

those were some of the stupidist arguements by that so called journalist i have ever heard in my life. you can obviously see hes only played a couple of games of halo and knows NOTHING about halo with all the nonsense he was talknig about...and please whats his xbl gamertag i wanna see the sprees he went on wit the sword..this man is a fake.

Mustang300C20122958d ago

Look at the comment section of the Bitbag and you will see the link from mboojigga on his acct Bullets360 at