Lovechess Salvage is a sexually explicit chess game

Conrad Zimmerman of Destructoid writes "Battle Chess? When I was a kid, that game was amazing. Watching the pieces march across the board and squeeze the life out of their opponents felt really epic. Lovechess Salvage has a different sort of spin on that".

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ChozenWoan2926d ago

I'd like to see the Cosplay girl of the week from this game.

FantasyStar2926d ago

I was expecting the naked guys to totally ram a axe down their throats. Boy was I wrong....

jmare2926d ago

I wish someone would redo battlechess. That game was fucking awesome.

amigaman2926d ago

You would not be able to concentrate in winning the game...

xg-ei8ht2926d ago

Gives a new meaning to being blown off the chess board.

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The story is too old to be commented.