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TGH Writes:
"Since the Skate franchise has hit the scene this console generation it has given that ‘other’ skateboarding franchise a run for its money. Skate, with its fine tuned and much talked about control scheme, giving the player full control of everything on and off the board. To the core feel of realism in comparison to what else is available on the market, and its sponsorship by authentic skateboarding companies and magazines like Thrasher and DC. The question remains that with only a year or so apart from the previous entry in the series, does it bring enough to the table to warrant a purchase and continue the tradition of quality skating experience or does it fall flat on its rear."

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MightyMark4272960d ago

Skate 3 is kinda meh-ish... Never really liked it

ShadyDevil2960d ago

I have to disagree even though that is only an opinion. There is so much to this game. It sets itself apart from the predacessors. Great and amazing and addicting game. So much to little time.

gcolley2960d ago

the new environments are worth it by themselves. then there is the object drop... this will keep my life busy for the next year