LittleBigPlanet 2, Sony's Answer to Microsoft's XNA?

Can Sony's LittleBigPlanet 2 compete with Microsoft's XNA?

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B-Real2062838d ago

Malware contained on site!!!!!

klado2837d ago

Avast = Fail, Karpesky or bitdefender please, and that site is clean.

kunit22c2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Did this comparison just happen?
Seriously? XNA takes skill to use, its made for developers, not for people who just play games, but LBP2 lets the player create games with ease. This comparison doesn't make any sense, and to my knowledge this is a very basic developing tool used to make very simple games, so lowcarb is right in the sense it will be cheap but it just wont be that big/complex of a game. Don't give this malware loaded site hits. Also why would this be an answer to XNA wouldn't it be an answer to LBP1 like Alpha said. That would just be common sense but whatever.

darkmurder2837d ago

@Above well said, XNA is a lot harder and actually requires written code if you want a good game. Also you can hardly sell LBP levels.

user8586212837d ago

ive got avast and there was no error for me :/

Darkfocus2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Can Microsoft's XNA compete with Sony's LittleBigPlanet 2?

-XNA's a tool to make games to sell on xboxlive
-littleBigPlanet is a game with tools to make games for millions of others to play for free

free games=win

also avast reports a virus

lowcarb2837d ago

Wait a sec lol...To start with LBp2 will cost me 60 bucks and an XNA game will only cost me 1.00 to 8.00 bucks. How is your free better seriously? Indie developers could make LBP2 with XNA (while getting paid for every game sold) and meet it feature for feature. I don't know about you but the price of an XNA game is way cheaper than LBP2.
Your hole free logic fails lol.

Theonik2837d ago

Please refer to comment #3.1

despair2837d ago


your logic fails actually even at $1 per game you have to buy 60 games to pay for 1 lbp2 right? Except with 1 LBP2 you can make and play millions of games for that same 60$.

Also I seriously doubt indie developers can implement all the features of LBP2 even with multiple releases at cheaper prices for each feature. It will add up much more than $60 to buy them all and still won't have all the features of LBP2(if they do what they say)

lowcarb2837d ago

1st off let me start off by saying LBP2 will be simply amazing. Now as far as logic goes you could make a cheaper LBP2 game with XNA and meet every feature. Sure it would be a hard task for a newcomer but a real developer out of a job (or even with) could make something chaotic with the tool set. XNA is a way to gain notice-ability and if someone wanted to prove a point they could make something truly revolutionary. You make 75% of XNA games sold which to me is a much better incentive than making a game for free. Call me whatever but at least think before responding.

SuperM2837d ago

LBP2 is being made by a full development studio. If an indie developer were to make a game like that they would need a multimillion dollar budget and would never ever gain profit on it unless sold for 60$ and with a proper advertising campaign, in which case it would no longer be an XNA title but a full retail xbox game. lowcarb, im sorry but you fail so hard.

badz1492837d ago

although you said that someone "could" make something amazing/revolutionary with XNA tools but in reality, I think it's safe to say that we can't expect LBP-level games from XNA users! - can't expect or as well NEVER EVER!

lowcarb2837d ago

I didn't fail at anything I said. You just confirmed I was correct and it could be done. Now of course it would never happen but thanks for getting it. The point is you can't compare the two and just so you know there are a few really good games on XNA that didn't cost anywhere near a few million to make.

despair2837d ago

umm i could theoretically make a space shuttle and fly to mars but it doesn't mean its logical or practical to do so. I understand your point but just saying anyone can do anything is a pointless statement and has no place here.

Sure with enough money and time you could do anything but we are dealing with a practical situation and in this day and age nothing like LBP2 or the (supposed) capabilities of LBP2 will be seen from an XNA game made by an indie company.

I will gladly eat my words with a smile on my face if someone proved me wrong with a 5-10 dollar game to rival it.

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Imperator2837d ago

LMFAO! Yea right! LBP2 is response to LBP. PERIOD.

bviperz2837d ago

the internet, congrats!

Even the developers said LBP2 was the obvious next step from LBP.

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Godmars2902838d ago

And here I thought LBP2 was building on LBP1. Integrating all the tricks LBP users have worked out, building on that even further.

sikbeta2837d ago

Yeah Right... And Sony Answer to MS's Scrapmetal is Twisted Metal... OH WAIT!!!!

TripleAAARating2837d ago

nice!!! is see what you did there

despair2837d ago

HAHAHA nice bubbles for the laugh

palaeomerus2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Scrapmetal is way more like an RC derby game then Twisted Metal.

Christopher2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I thought Minis was Sony's answer to XNA, and a poor one at that?

LBP2 is far from the same thing. That's intended more for public consumption without limitations on artistic design.

xaviertooth2838d ago

what is xna?

how such lucky that thing it is being compared to LBP.

-Alpha2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

XNA is actually developer tools for developers to use on XBL. A lot of indy games come out on XBL and it's actually a very good hub for small devs to my knowledge.

However, comparing it to LBP2 is just a joke. XNA isn't a game, it's a feature/tool set for devs. And LBP2 is an answer to LBP1.

Why am I even bothering, this question is ridiculous.

UnwanteDreamz2837d ago

"LBP2 is an answer to LBP1"


Bubbles to you.

WildArmed2837d ago

Agreed. LBP has no equal or competition.
It alone is it's competition.

XNA is not a game, you dont buy it to play it...
It's the stupidest comparison i've read this month..

kaveti66162838d ago

Can people like Xaviertooth and Mooey just be hidden under an automatic "trolling" banner whenever they post?

A slew of decent indie games have been made using XNA tools.

LBP is like a toolset that the developers have made layman-friendly so that people like me can make fun games. I saw LBP at Target for like 30 bucks, but on Amazon for maybe 16.

UnwanteDreamz2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Nope LBP has a tool set but that is not all it is. You can't compare the two fairly IMO.

Meryl2837d ago

seriously?? lol LBP2 is going to be much more fun, I should know as I use XNA

spektical2837d ago

so wer comparing a Game to a toolset... wow, gaming journalism at its finest.

Arsenic132837d ago

Thank you. People are so damn slow these days. Anything will be compared to anything.

DeltaZ3R052837d ago

yeah , how can they compare the two , dosen't make sense. bytheway lbp wins !

Jack Klugman2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

was going to say the same thing.. they might as well said LBP2 answer to Microsoft Development Kit..

These things are night and day.. more exaggerations from the bronzers army of propaganda sites..

Just because you can change a tire doesnt mean you can build a car. lbp is like changing a tire in game development and XNA is literally building the car.

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