10 reasons to love Red Dead Redemption

From the exciting shoot-outs to the astonishing visuals: There are many reasons to love Red Dead Redemption. Cynamite names ten of them for your entertainment.

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BannedForNineYears2930d ago

I think the only reason we need is the fact that it's made by R* xD

BannedForNineYears2930d ago

Happened to stumble onto this picture......
But think what you will.
I'll wait for a video comparison.

Millah2930d ago

LMAO @ realize that ps3 screenshot is off screen running on a standard def TV. Right?

playnation2930d ago

LOL @harrykid... it's amazing what fanboys do trying to bash the beast known as PS3. obviously its a fake comp.

Odin7772930d ago

Something tells me that picture isn't a 100% accurate portrayal of the PS3 version.

niceguywii602930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

What makes you say that, because of the free content? I hope you're not talking about IGN UK and IGN US both reviewing the 360 version while both IGN UK and IGN US used the same PS3 review. Yes this it true IGN UK used the IGN US PS3 review. This is why things where not adding up when it came to scores in the different categories.

IGN 360: 9.8

IGN 360: 9.7

IGN PS3 9.7
:// 9/1090380p1.html

Notice by the date in the PS3 review, it's the US review on the UK IGN site.

Some pretty slick fanboy on N4G was trying to trick people in thinking what Neogaff said was not true. He almost got away with it until the mods deleted the story.

See how one 360 review is from the US and the UK despite them both being on the UK site. Just look next to the date in each review. PS3 fans are very sneaky you have to watch out for them. LOL trying to do damage control trying to trick people. What media outlet or developer would point out the PS3 version bing inferior with such a high profile title?

BannedForNineYears2930d ago

Wow, lol guys.
I only own a PS3.
I don't even like the 360.
I'm just saying, I stumbled onto that picture.
And this game doesn't even match a single one of the PS3 exclusives.
And no, the PS3 version wasn't running in SD on an HD tv, trust me, I would know.
Man....It's funny, one day I'm called a PS3 fanboy, another a 360 fanboy.

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Demons Souls2930d ago

No, he doesn't realize it. Much like all 360 fanboys, he is retarded.

pustulio2930d ago

I forgot this site is full with ps3 fanboys.

Ps3 is the same as 360 not superior not less you all are retared specialy Demons souls.

niceguywii602930d ago

In the twilight zone.

When I read comments coming from the Sony camp I can't help but to think