Monster Hunter Tri Wii selling well, says retailer

Retailer this month posted via Twitter that Capcom Co.'s Monster Hunter Tri for Nintendo Co.'s Wii is selling well at the U.S. retailer.

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Gr812960d ago

LoL. It only had a couple days at retail for the April NPD and just barely missed the top ten. This is a Monster Hunter game, too. Which means historically the games have been very Japan centric and struggled to find an audience in the west. Evidence of this is the PSP MH game not doing so hot there.

Capcom made a good call for this one.

FinalomegaS2960d ago

can see the NPD roll out and we'll have the lot of them jump on this like flies on shyt.

There is an audience for this game and they bought the game, if they didn't and are waiting for an HD version instead then their lost. I for one love it to death ( ranks right up there with my top 10 fav games of all time)

HR 30 at the moment, well should be 35 but I couldn't find the right folks to help me get my urgent open. *sigh*

EvilTwin2960d ago

Yep. Just look at the PS2 MH games, too. I think Tri was already the best-selling one before it even released here in the West.

But it's just not a series that has been huge over here. 500K will probably be its ceiling. And that's not bad at all, considering it already pulled a million over in Japan.

snaredrums2960d ago

This game has to be my favorite game this gen! I am considering getting a PSP just to play MHFU!

Titanz2960d ago

For a second there.....(Joking xD)

An amazing game, playing with the Classic controller pro feels good for some reason(Doesn't feature rumble support but you hardly even notice).

skare132960d ago

where are all the trolls now!!!

N4g_null2960d ago

The trolls are only casual gamers trying to pic on people they would claim where nerds.

The only reason I argue here is so I won't have to argue at the studio. It's key to keep in touch with even the people that are out of touch.