Red Dead Redemption review roundup - Xbox 360

Rockstar's open world western has been put through its paces across the internet and has come out the other side with brilliant scores across the board.

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RatFuker2715d ago

they got it right! tsk! tsk!

Trey_4_life2715d ago

IGN gave it 9.7 now just waiting for the gametrailers video review as they have the most detailed video reviews with the best editing.

Jerk1202715d ago

I'm somewhat sceptical.

unkn0wn2715d ago

Perhaps I could sympathize with your skepticism if you spelled it correctly.

GameOn2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

You're shaped like a scepter? I bet the ladies like you :P

UnSelf2715d ago

Off topic: anybody knows how to get to the forums that was on this site before the update?

-MD-2715d ago

Community (up top) and then right below it click forums.

Max Power2715d ago

at the top of the page click the "Community" button and then it'll have forums in the top bar.

Edit: sorry this isn't a reply, but for some reason my browser won't let me.

FamilyGuy2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

thanks for the info

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