Cynamite: Red Dead Redemption Review

Red Dead Redemption climbs from the state of the throne of my personal open-world ranking.
What an experience! From now on Red Dead Redemption for me as a synonym for the generic "Open World". When I ride my horse through the seemingly endless prairie and not his mouth in wonder about the great panoramas get shut, then I also like to look over the technical weaknesses. Especially since variety is the key here and also has the story much depth. Of course, the Western-Setting not for everyone, I do find it, compared to Liberty City unspent glorious.

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StanLee2901d ago

Guess, it's almost certainly the game of the year. Only Mass Effect 2 has been better reviewed this year.

Hallmark Moment2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

LOL at your disagrees. Disagree with facts?

Inside_out2901d ago

There is not enough RDR reviews...must be over 20 on the main page alone....Hmmmmm....wasn't this game suppose to come out a couple of wks ago....

niceguywii602901d ago

I don't think RDR will catch ME2 because there has to be mostly perfect scores early on.

StanLee2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Some PS3 fanboys! Apparently one sent me a scathing message because I didn't mention God of War III.

deadreckoning6662901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

@Hallmark- He's getting disagrees because hes a fool. Hes calling a game GOTY that he hasn't played yet and not only that but hes justifying his argument with review scores lol.

Why do you people care 'who catches ME2 in review scores"? Just play the damn games and enjoy them.

Myst2901d ago

Can't wait for that midnight launch tonight!

AliTheBrit192901d ago


Pre-Ordered today

*copy & paste*

Samewire2901d ago

i'm getting more and more excited

seems this is a big one