Red Dead Redemption: 10 Minutes PS3 Gameplay Footage

Videogameszone published a new video showing ten minutes of Red Dead Redemption (PS3 version) gameplay footage. Hint: Click on "HD" to watch the video in high definition.

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cpuchess2956d ago

Finally a good PS3 video...

The_Count2956d ago

This will probably become my favourite Sandbox game.

Strange_Evil2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

A nice PS3 feed... looking awesome guys

Kratos Spartan2956d ago

It goes down tomorrow. Dead Business. If you ain't with me, you against me. Ride or Die.

MGRogue20172956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

SWEET JESUS!!! It definately has vSync enabled :D :D :D

It's fucking gorgeous! *faints* :)

Christopher2956d ago

This game looks beautiful on both systems. People should have payed closer attention to many of the RDR official videos, where they mixed in 360 and PS3 gameplay throughout.

The _only_ people who have lost out here are PC-only gamers. I really hope they come out with a RDR for the PC at some point.

WMW2956d ago

yeah a certain group of people need to stop living in the 2007. i'm sure they knew they were the same but admitting it would take away any worth their console had since it barely has any standout games and supior multiplat games was all they had left.

bobcostus2956d ago

Dear $*&^ing God, Can't you people stop trolling for 5 minutes? This is a multiplat game, who gives a flying crap what system you get it for? Get a life. Play games for the GAMES, not the system. There are good games for both.

BeaArthur2956d ago

The avatar rewards are tempting but I think I'm still going to get the PS3 version.

Christopher2956d ago

IIRC, and not that most people here care, there are Home clothing items for RDR. All Sony needs to do now is allow us to use our Home avatars with or PSN profiles.

BeaArthur2956d ago

That would be nice. Or even better, make Home the new Dashboard and just put like a PC in your apartment for using the web browser, a PS3 for playing games, etc. I never go in Home and that would definitely get me to use the service.

MGRogue20172956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

More PS3 footage for you to drool over here:

Not so good quality.. but hey! .. it's footage.

Lacky2956d ago

the game looks awesome! can`t wait to play it!

dalibor2956d ago

I can tell by your avatar that you seem interested in the game. I am as well pal. Giddy up. Here we come 1800's era.

raWfodog2956d ago

Actually, its early 1900's but Im glad you're getting in the spirit :)

BeaArthur2956d ago

That guy needs more chairs.

dalibor2956d ago

Or whiskey. The environment is your chair with whiskey around. Going to get a bottle of whiskey when I pop this game in. Too bad whiskey did not come with the game or a magnum.

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The story is too old to be commented.