Eurogamer Germany: Red Dead Redemption Review

Although Rockstar always vehemently the name Grand Theft Horse has resisted, and you find Red Dead Redemption at his home. In particular, the epic story and the stringent mission structure, but also other elements such as the combat system or the oblique characters look a lot like rock stars Liberty-City-epic. And yet this piece is modern Western a whole continues. The interaction with the environment, hunting, gathering herbs, the treasure hunt or send staged side quests make the game more lively. The battles seem even more brutal, the graphics are at least half a generation ahead, and the horse as a means of transport simply the better choice.

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slevin_772982d ago

this game is getting very bad reviews...

kvg882982d ago

Should have gotten 22/10 with how much hype it had...


SB_tanker2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Unless you want to mislead people, put the /s at the end, no matter how obvious the sarcasm may be. Some people can be stupid enough to think you were serious.

Pillville2982d ago

This game should be getting 100/100 not 10/10. How embarrassing for Rockstar.

Titanz2982d ago

I might buy a Sony(or an Xbox) just to play this amazing game.

Inside_out2981d ago

This game is gonna be awesome...I like the TPS multi-player...This month is looking expensive....Alan Wake is looking awesome as well...busy week...

Leon_Blu2982d ago Show
tatotiburon2982d ago

buy an xbox 360, this game has a open world mp lobby and everybody on xbox live have a headset, unlike PSN, imagine riding your hourse and stoping every minute to write a message....also riding with your mates in a live party will be awesome....but if you don't care about this and just want a basic mp exprience for free, go for the ps3...

on topic: i wontr sleep tonight, first alan wake and then RDR with my live mates.

Pennywise2981d ago

This is utter nonsense. I have a friends list that is almost full and every single person I have on my list has a mic. Spew your propaganda somewhere else out of my site or I will call you out.

How about a bit of truth: BUY IT FOR THE PS3 - THE MULTI-PLAYER IS FREE. F2P>P2P. /end.

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