Backbreaker - Passing Game Tutorial Video

XXLGaming writes, "We are closing on the release of Backbreaker, the new football game brought to you by 505 Games. As we close in on the June release, 505 Games is starting to release more and more information about the game. Below you will find a new video which focuses on the Passing game."

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Joni-Ice2955d ago

Hopefully this game is good.

DaRazorback2955d ago

I am still on the fence on this game. I mean if they thought it was going to be a smash hit, it wouldn't already be like $45 on amazon and they would have released a demo a few weeks ago.

newarknj3602955d ago

the graphics smashes madden

Saleem1012955d ago

This game kills and stomp all over Madden bigtime...

rwallace2955d ago

The only problem is the lack of the NFL license. A lot of folks liked All Pro 2k8 but it was destined to fail without the NFL license. Fingers crossed for this one.