1UP: Red Dead Redemption Review

"This is simply a beautiful game, and it's provided more than a few moments where I completely forgot where the hell I was supposed to be going while riding over golden hills at sunset or through the desert in the middle of a nighttime lightning storm. It doesn't quite convey the loneliness of the real empty spaces, but does compress the essence of all the varieties of land and weather native to those parts into a few hundred miles ride."

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WhittO2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Wow I didn't know this game would get such good reviews, obviously need to pick it up, TBA I hadn't even heard of it until recently :O

MGRogue20172652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Good thing you heard about it then.. :)

But then again, It would simply be impossible to miss a game like this. Only way you could miss this is if you were dead/not alive

WhittO2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

haha I know, can't believe hadn't even known anything about this game at all, I prob saw the title and thought it was a crap Multi-plat or something without looking into it lol.

Dellis2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

This game is trash, you die if you go into the water how pathetic is that? lol.

bjornbear2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

that in the 19th century most people didn't know how to swim

but thats the reality

we take swimming for granted now days, back then more than half of the inland population didn't know how to swim, especially if they were surrounded by desert

i think it was a conscious design decision to add to the atmosphere of the western world.

if you watch enough westerns, you'll notice many "cowboys" didn't know how to swim...

+ how does that make the game trash? picky much?

Cerberus21252652d ago

I hope say your comment is a pathetic cry for attention,because if its not,you most have a few bolts missing on that heat of yours.

RedSky2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )


RedSky2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

The best part about these kind of comments is somehow all the thing that people have gotten used to are okay. Being able to 'renegerate' health in a few seconds in FPSs is okay, just like not having to replace a whole clip to reload is okay but god forbid anyone would limit your gameplay in any way I'm not used to!

And FYI, I have no clue if this game is any good, I'm just allergic to hypocritical idiocy.

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Lucreto2652d ago

First game I will play after my exam. I can't wait for it.

ATLGAMER2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Lets play toghter.....

Enchalottashwty psn

AliTheBrit192652d ago


Pre-Ordered today

*copy & paste*