Resident Evil 5 Producer Says Japanese Game Industry is Doomed

Lost Planet 2 and Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi says that unless the Japanese games industry catches up to their Western counterparts, they don’t have a "hope in hell."

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kratos1232803d ago

yeah and hes doing a fine job ruining it too lol how ironic.
sega is the best japanese devolpers at this moment and platinum games is also wonderful this gen

ClownBelt2803d ago

hahaha. Oh man that is so true and funny.

I would put Atlus in there as well.

kratos1232803d ago

oh my god how did i forget about atlus im so stupid

GrieverSoul2803d ago

... they are to blame for it!!
With their DLC scams and all... Stuff on the disc then in launch day charge us for a activation key.

And then they come and complain its doomed.... ROFL!!

GWAVE2803d ago

Yeah, I agree.

This idiot is leading the charge into the ocean, whereas there are actually good Japanese developers who aren't selling as many of their games because it isn't called "Resident Evil".

HammockGames2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

And to think, RE5 was more passable than Lost Planet 2, IMHO. So this joker has actually taken a step back from one game to the next.

The number of bone-headed decisions that went into LP2 blow my mind. And this is the guy doing the complaining?! WTF!

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Abriael2803d ago

I totally agree with the first part of your comment. The Japanese gaming industry will pick up, I'm pretty sure, and paired with their mastery of storytelling will give the western industry a run for their money quite soon.

I also agree partly with the second part of your comment. The only problem is that Sega's performance is horribly plagued by the performance of their western counterpart, Sega West.

While Sega is one of the best publishers/developers in Japan, Sega West is without a doubt the worst publisher/developer in the west.

Sega Japan should give Sega West a radical overhaul and cleanse it from every little reminiscence of the influence of that blight that was Simon Jeffery. Sega West wasn't in good shape before him, and he completely sunk it with his ideas of making it a 100% "westernized" company.

tinybigman2803d ago

stick to your roots and you'll see that it's not dead.

Army_of_Darkness2803d ago

the japanese market is doomed because all they buy there is handheld crap.

Minimox162803d ago

damn if all RPG games that release like every week was in console, i ll be very happy :D, but all of them are in handheld.

HolyOrangeCows2803d ago

"Lost Planet 2 and Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi says ...."
Question; does anyone REALLY care what anyone who was involved in the making of these two degradations to their series has to say?

"Drastically innovative ideas are needed – and quickly – to equal or exceed the Western games industry"
This is such an ironic statement, I won't even justify it with response.

MiamiACR2803d ago

Just because his game bombed doesn't mean every one elses will.

sikbeta2803d ago

The guy talking about JGI "da doomedz" is involved in the Production of a BAD Sequel that ruined an Awesome Franchise

I always think, why they didn't make RE5 like the Old School RE Games, which were more Appealing to the Japanese market and other Markets as well instead of making a generic western-style-shooter so crappy

HammockGames2803d ago

Makes you wonder doesn't it?

It's like they took the old saying, "Do one thing and do it better than anybody" and somehow (mis)interpreted it as, "Do a bunch of things that are out of your comfort zone and do a piss poor job at pretty much all of them".

N4g_null2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Here is the true problem. They want to make fps and they are trying innovate tech designed for fps. As developers they don't really understand why westerns like fps and will never be able to out do cod games and epic.

Seriously they just don't understand pc gaming and they totally have abandon their console roots and engines. I really wonder if this is a case of the grass being greener or is it production envy. I mean seriously it doesnt seem like they want to put effort into their games and their American arms are even worst.

It really does seem like they are feed up because they didn't get a free pass like epic and bungie and iw for their ok fps games.

You actualy have to be good at the type of games you produce. If you can't play some of the western fps and get ranked real high then when you make a game it's going to cater to your skill set.

Now what is even more funny is they put them selves in the tech race when that is not what consoles are for. The pc guys are eating japans lunch because their is no language barrier and epic along with others simply will call up the chip manufactures. From what I've seen professional tech guys in japan guard their knoledge yet they simply don't have too much say so in how tech is made now.

The tech race is the reason pc gaming hardly has any developers. Japan abandon their own fans and they western fans yet we don't buy clones of fps we buy new spins mostly.

They have two choices go high end pc or go back to the wii and find your franchise then move it to hd when it is ready or needed. Make a hit on the wii make the sequel for the next gen nintendo console and the other hd systems and your back in the game. The west is running out of heavy hitters because every thing is being milked, you'll see.

scofios2803d ago

@ kratos123 platinum games is also wonderful this gen , thats why capcom sucks today becouse the guys that are platinum games , where ones the best developers at capcom .

SkyGamer2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

Lets see Japan has 127+ million people and Europe has 830+ million and US has 309+ million and China has 1.3+ billion. Also the Chinese hate the Japanese as well as the Koreans hate the Japanese for what Japan has done to them in the past. Rape, pillage, torture, kidnap, etc. The fact is that quite a few of the Asian Countries hate Japan and that won't subside anytime soon. So you take 127 million and have to divide that between Nintendo and sony and then take 2.5 BILLION and now you know why the Japanese devs are looking more WESTWARD. 2.5 Billion Potential customers or 127 million. The problem with Jgames is that they haven't innovated in a LONG time. It is pretty much the same rehash with shinier new graphics. Well when the PC devs moved to console gaming, it changed the whole playing field as back in the day they only competition Jdevs had was within themselves. Now they have the Wdevs garnering a lot of their marketshare so they need to rethink their strategy.

Now just because RE5 catered to a more Western audience doesn't make it a bad game. Now we wish the good things in the past to stay the same forever but it can't. The world is constantly evolving as the demographics. So much more competition now than in the past. Companies need to step up their A game or get lost as a distant memory.

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NYC_Gamer2803d ago

many japanese devs lack creativity

Obama2803d ago

I am thinking the opposite. Whether you like western or Japanese games more, you gotta admit the japanese devs are the ones keep creating creative games like VC, last guardian, persona etc.

dkgshiz2803d ago

They do have creative games. I personally think World of Goo and LBP are much more creative then any of those games you listed. Plus World of Goo is an indy game.

SkyGamer2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

How is VC new? It is a jsrpg and how many of those games do they make? A ton! I can name at leat 20 this gen that are jsrpg (Japanese Strategy Role Playing Game). As for Last Guardian, nothing new so far, pretty much ICO with shinier graphics. The problem is that the "Nintendo" kids all grew up. They can't invest all that time into traditional jrpgs as they have college, school or work. So what do they have time to play, shooters. It is much easier and beneficial for them to play a game for a couple of hours because they have families, and other obligations. We no longer have time for marathon gaming sessions. I am speaking for majority but I know there are some that will lack personal hygiene and kids and work, etc, to cater to their gaming habits, but that won't last long. Something will break . . .

Barbapapa2802d ago

katamari,okami, and patapon are the most original titles i've ever played aside from LBP.

sikbeta2803d ago

It's kind of Ironic you say that "Japanese Devs Lack Creativity" In This Specific Generation Plagued with SHOOTERS

George Sears2803d ago

Most successful Japanese games this gen have been mostly games in which are generally sequels of older franchises. That's not a bad thing but if you compare the vast originality and creativity that has been this gen regarding the western market, then it sort of shows a huge imbalance between markets.

Im still looking forward for sequels to old franchises like GT5 for example, and I am also looking forward for what Team Ico has in stored for there latest IP, but other than this the rest seems dull.

swiftshot932803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

Good point, I actually havent seen a new IP this generation from a Japanese developer that blew me away. Not even Nintendo for Christ's sake. I dont expect anything less than a masterpiece from team ICO, though.

chidori6662803d ago

Resident Evil 5 Producer Says Japanese Game Industry is Doomed"

lmafao say the creator of worst re ever!

-Ikon-2803d ago

Well PD is about to drop an atomic bomb being GT5.. Just takes effort PD always get it done.

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