Game Pro: Red Dead Redemption Review

Game Pro: In the fifteen hours it took me to clear Red Dead Redemption's expansive core campaign, the thing I found myself most surprised by was how consistently likable rough-and-tumble protagonist John Marston remained throughout. He's a stark contrast to Red Harlow, the star of 2004's Red Dead Revolver; that character was built in the mold of Clint Eastwood's "Man With No Name" and rarely spouted an unnecessary syllable. Marston, on the other hand, shares more in common with Unforgiven's tragic hero Bill Munney: he's a family man who is unceremoniously thrust back into a past life he can't leave behind. He's one of a dying breed of sunset riders who are facing extinction and are doomed to go out in a hail of gunfire.

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MGRogue20172865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Ahhh.. *faints* :)

UltraNova2865d ago

5/5 great score! Wait does gamepro give anything else than 5/5?

ShakeShakeShake2865d ago

RockStar lives up to its name

MGRogue20172865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Hold up.. Hold up! O.o

Let's see here.. Right, They are reviewing the 360 version here.. Now check this out:

"CONS: Errand missions can get a bit tiring; occasional pop-in"

Notice that part..? "Occasional Pop-in"

I can remember a site who reviewed the PS3 version said that it had no pop-in at all.

Guys, PS3 version is the winner. :)

DelbertGrady2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )


Better install it to the HDD then. Can't have "occasional pop-in on the errand missions" now can we? ;)

bjornbear2865d ago

you are motivating retarded 360 fans to troll all over the place in these articles


they are identical, one having extra content.

deal with it.

Gamer_Z2865d ago

I'm not going to say the PS3 version is better but i hope the rumors about it being sub hd are wrong.

SPARTANVI2865d ago

Or are you actually trying to convince people with Xbox360's to buy a PS3 just so they can play RDR without pop-ups (and perhaps in sub-720p)?

In due time you will realize how insignificant these moments of console-pride (not going to use the f-word) are to the rest of your life. Hint: Sony will not thank you...

But of course, if you do own Sony stock, or are employed by Sony, then carry on!

SPARTANVI2864d ago

With the facts?

Or with my commentary about how none of this will matter in life. Someone tell me how arguing about anything on an internet forum about console A vs. console B will have any significance in your life. Hell, I'm just wasting time..

JasonPC360PS3Wii2865d ago

I'll take once in a while pop in over no AA and super jaggies any day

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nycredude2865d ago

15 hours? That's it!!! The core campaign is ONLY 15 hours! So side quests account for 50 hours!? I know the game will be great and I have it paid off but come on 15 hours!

Pennywise2865d ago

You know most of the time spent on this game will be online shooting faces off!

Aphe2865d ago

Whats wrong with 15 hours? Plus all the rest of the stuff you can do adds up to a hell of a lot of game for your money. Pfft, some people.....

bloodybutcher2865d ago

hey, remember gta4 and a trophy for getting through main story in less then 30 hrs?it took me 12 hrs.but no side missions,no screwing around.i'm sure that if you'll try and enjoy it with a slower pace...:)

nycredude2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

It's an open world Rockstar game at 15 hour core gameplay. That is short no matter what you say. However like pennywise said online will make up for it. I am not complaining as i have it paid off but even Darksiders was longer!!!

Trust me I am going to enjoy the heck outa the game and i know it will take me way longer than 15 hours. i was just wondering if this is true or not. Haven't heard it from anywhere else yet. BTW how the heck you finish GTA 4 ub 12 hours!??

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ATLGAMER2865d ago

Reviews for Gta were about the same...

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