PSP2: everything you need to know‎

3 is coming soon, prefigured by the annual rounds of speculation as to what the big three gaming brands – Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo – are planning on announcing at the LA-based games trade show.

One of the bigger surprises this year may well turn out to be the Sony PlayStation Portable 2. Senior industry sources have suggested that Sony might well show off the PSP2 out in La La Land this June.

For its part, Sony Computer Entertainment remains defiantly tight-lipped on the matter. So here's a round-up of what we know, what we've heard and what the games rumour mill has said about the next version of Sony's PSP handheld console to date.

Note that this page will be constantly updated as new information comes to light.

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SynGamer2982d ago

How was this approved? We know NOTHING other than the possibility of an announcement in the future...

Cajun Chicken2982d ago

I'm actually not expecting this at all. May I remind you that Resident Evil PSP still needs to come out and the new GoW on PSP isn't even out yet. Too early.

xAlmostPro2982d ago

although i also think that it wont happen, it doesnt mean it cant be "announced" because theres games coming out for the current one, it could be announced this year and release next year

AssassinHD2982d ago

N4G may have a new coat of paint, but it will always be the same old site until the approval process gets revamped. There should be a consequence to approving low quality articles or opinion pieces.

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The story is too old to be commented.