PlayStation Premier: Loco Roco PS3 Official

A cameo appearance as part of Sony's Home announcement earlier this year was confirmation enough for many, but today Sony finally made it official: LocoRoco is coming to your living room. Tentatively titled Buu Buu Cocoreccho! by LocoRoco, this PS3 sequel is set to be made available as a PlayStation Network download.

Sony describes the game as "It's LocoRoco, but it's not -- a peculiar extra chapter."

The PS3 version of LocoRoco is said to feature 200 LocoRoco characters in a new world. You'll be able to use the SixAxis for motion-based controls.

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Lord Anubis3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

YAY I hope it has some of the songs from the original game. Especially the song in the demo where the kids sing non stop.

it is.

it's also catchy and at time annoying :P

Salvadore3870d ago

That sony is so damn funny to listen to.

Blankman3870d ago

i tried the demo and was actually impressed very simple gameplay and the music was excellent. The game would work perfectly with 6 axis controls. Sony is really piling up the psn titles

Sevir043870d ago

screams like a fanb1tch lol!!! this is gonna be sweet. cant wait. i figured that they'd push this as a PSN title not bad

Ghoul3870d ago


i love loco roco :)

Cartesian3D3870d ago

what a good day.. so many good news.. I love loco roco and hope they release it as soon as possible..

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The story is too old to be commented.