Eurogamer France: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review

The least we can say is that this album is a failure on the Wii. Everything that appeared on the screen was horrible. I blamed the PS3 version of proposing a hero of the Uncanny Valley. But when you see the character on the Wii, it would almost his backpack to live in this valley, populated by Alan Wake and babies Evian. The animations are somewhat broken. In fact, I think the Wii adjustments have only one interest. They are designed for testers who hesitated between sticking a 7, an 8 or 9 with HD versions. Finally, they try the Wii version and say they can no qualms about putting the maximum in relation to what they are trying. I wanted to try the PC version of the sands of time. I have not had the time ... but in my recollection, it was more beautiful.

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BeaArthur2835d ago

This one is just coming out at a bad time.

Awookie2835d ago

Seriously, i hadn't even heard about this new Prince of Persia

AliTheBrit192835d ago


Going to rent this title, that is if I'm not too busy playing Red Dead Redemption!

CaptainPunch2835d ago

I'll be too busy playing Red Dead Redemption, I'll give it a rent later this summer.

Silentmerc3nary2835d ago

Picking this up along tonight with Alan Wake and Split/Second.

holdmedownma20082835d ago

I feel sorry for this title, I kind of feel sorry for Alan Wake too. I think both of these titles are going to be over-looked by RDR especially PoP.

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The story is too old to be commented.