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OXM: Red Dead's world is rarely anything less than utterly convincing and, if anything, we found ourselves acting more sensibly than we would in GTA IV, simply because we were so involved in the fiction.

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Kos-Mos2959d ago

Why on earth is it so hard for western developers to make women look sexy and pretty in a video-game???
Example: The women in this game vs. the women in Soul Calibur IV.
And I`m not just talking about the body, but making a pretty face with charisma and personality.

Are Japanese developers better in understanding physical human expressions perhaps?

Anarki2959d ago

Did the 1 rating get thrown away when the game didn't go xbox exclusive.

redneck_smith2959d ago

give me the blu-ray version with + exclusive dlc

Jack Klugman2959d ago

why pass up the superior looking and playing version for some worthless dlc? Your loss droid.

snakebite362959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I can't believe how many articles about this game we are getting. I just counted 21 on the main page.

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