Keep it Gay, Keep it Gay, Keep it Gay

Kombo: Video game designers know their target audience — young white males — and being the smart, money-earning fellows they are, they design games for this audience. But in the year 2010, is this audience ready for the main character in their $60 game to be gay? Now I'm not talking about an overly effeminate, swishy, dress-wearing men making the same jokes as my classmates in 8th grade, but a real down-to-earth man, with a strong and comfortable relationship with another man.

Games and Hollywood are full of homosexual characters that make us feel comfortable with their sexuality by cracking jokes and pretending they're closer to being Liza Minelli than men, but I cannot think of a main character in a video game that is gay. It has been proven that gamers are comfortable playing strong, capable women.

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D4RkNIKON2954d ago

Army of Two.. That gay or gayer?