3DJuegos: Red Dead Redemption Review

Dead Red Redemption Sandbox is the best game in history, and his legacy will soon be overcome. New in Rockstar is smart, has class, has a carefully prepared and is setting a video game that pays homage to classic westerns movie with a title for your height. The best thing you can say is that like a shot over genres and styles, and the adventure of John Marston is so timeless, innovative and wonderful she is capable of generating admiration regardless of age, tastes or platforms will be essential for all ... .

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563252959d ago

Aw come on xD...
This game is a must-buy, even though I think i'm happy with any game.

Blaze9292959d ago

and they couldn't just let that .1 make it a 10 why? hate scores like that

BannedForNineYears2959d ago

And......The difference between 9.9 and 10 is....? :D

MGRogue20172959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

... Why not just make it a 10/10?? :D

Seriously, come on! lol This is Rockstar Games we're talking about here

AliTheBrit192959d ago

Well a LOT of sites view 10/10 as "perfect" and many people don't like that word, they deem no game truly perfect, which is fair.

AliTheBrit192959d ago


Pre-Ordered today

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