AHA and Nintendo Join Forces to Promote Healthy Living Through Active-Play Video Games

The American Heart Association and Nintendo of America today announced a first-of-its-kind, multifaceted strategic relationship aimed at helping people create healthy lifestyles through physically active play.

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FinalomegaS2959d ago

I don't see how Nintendo can lose, this can only promote them more.

Going to be interesting the next system they make that isn't Go-go-go on health.

eagle212959d ago

This is that official

Nintendo just knows what the heck they are doing at all times. :)

N4g_null2959d ago

Yeah it does suck that my family can't and won't play games I work on yet maybe we should be more political and smart about what we make.

I think that's the stigma to the wii. Most developers are just being sour to it because they are not making money on hd games.

People got mad when Obama didn't damn the wii yet when is Sony or ms going to do something like this?