Videogameszone: Red Dead Redemption PS3 Review

Videogameszone reviewed the PS3 version of Red Dead Redemption.

+ Story
+ Characters
+ Shooting

- The Honor System

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MGRogue20172746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

It's great that they reviewed the PS3 version..

It's about time PS3 got more attention, especially with multi-platform games

Hallmark Moment2746d ago

What is so surprising about it? videogamezone is a pro PS3 site.

Motion2745d ago

Its surprising because there are VERY few ps3 reviews on this title, with some sites claiming that Rockstar wouldn't provide them w/ the ps3 version, only the 360.

bjornbear2745d ago

lol hallmark so butt hurt that both versions are identical

CRY MOAR, your tears will cleanse my mind from all the stupidity thou hath been spewing!

polow got sol2746d ago

Seems like the ps3 version is scoring lower than the 360 version just like any proper multiplatform title.

Pennywise2746d ago

Seems like the trolls are properly trolling like in any reviews of a big multiplatform game.

bjornbear2745d ago

the 360 girls are out en force today! GO GUYS GO!

nothing you say will change the fact that both versions are the same =P

such a big deal over nothing, shows what you are made of

AliTheBrit192745d ago


Pre-Ordered today

*copy & paste*