Gamespot: Split/Second Review

Split/Second is unlikely to become your go-to racer, but while it lasts, it's one hell of a thrill ride. Tailing an opponent and taking advantage of his shortcut, watching a tall tower fall onto your speeding nemesis, drifting around a corner while miraculously avoiding destruction raining from the sky--these are great moments that will make you cry out in glee. This is a one-trick pony, and once you see through the trick, it's hard not to wish there was something more substantial to support it. But if you're in the mood for some rip-roaring fun with no strings attached, Split/Second makes for a boisterous weekend romp.

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Blaze9292841d ago

Interesting score.

Just like Pure, this game gets HARD. I'm like 35% into the 'tv show' and it's already like impossible to come in 1st place anymore. There is definitely some rubberband A.I. going on and since there's no mini-map it hides any bouncing that might be occurring.

Unlike Pure, I just hope I can finish this game.

lzim2841d ago

good luck, you'll probably get bored and play something else.

Blaze9292841d ago

LOL probably. Which will be Blur ;)

Lacky2841d ago

hm i expected it to get a better score... but anyway it is not my type of game..

lzim2841d ago

I was expecting something like this, 7.5, but another place gave it 9.5 and I was like WTF>!?

seems nifty but nothing beets burnout. not this cheap clone.

deadreckoning6662841d ago

Cheap clone? I think it exceeds Burnout as far as consistent joy is concerned. Burnout has gone downhill since Burnout 3.