Eurogamer: Red Dead Redemption Review

The result is an exceptional Rockstar game, one that successfully re-clothes the Grand Theft Auto framework in an exciting, distinct and expertly realised scenario. But just how satisfying the formula remains after the exuberant destructiveness of Red Faction: Guerrilla, or the joyful, ad-hoc player stories born in the freedom of Just Cause 2's playpen, is increasingly under scrutiny. And even within Rockstar's own canon, there is little here for that smart young journalist to inform Liberty City about that it didn't already know. A magnificent eight, then.

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talltony2955d ago

Just when I thought it was getting universal praise eurogamer goes and gives it an 8. It would kill them to agree with other reviewers wouldn't it?

xYLeinen2955d ago


Think it didn't get a full score because of the GTA formula being repeated. Anyway, that is what he felt so.

knight6262955d ago

i will agree with the sandbox game but i wont consider GTA with horse at all...i find this game way different...for example the whole world reacts different then GTA world i and yes i know cause i been playing this for awhile now

farrelljade2955d ago

8/10 is brilliant in my eyes!!!

xYLeinen2955d ago

Now a days 8/10 isn't "that good apparently". This goes for all hyped games. If they don't get above 9 it's shit >_>

Jaybad542955d ago

Not really, its just its getting 9.4-9.8 everywhere else so its a bit of a shock

talltony2955d ago

The fact that eurogamer always reviews games lower than other review sites is the point. They are consistently rating games lower than the average metacritic score.

kingdavid2955d ago

Its interesting to think what type of games eurogamer actually do like more than your average 7 and 8 out of 10.

bjornbear2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

but not "excellent"

its not so much what 8/10 represents compared to other reviewers, but to other scores dealt by eurogamer

what is a 10/10 game for them? or a 9/10 game?

well, pokemon black/white and cave story were both 9/10, so in their eyes superior to RDR

I see an EDGE tendency where they will praise Nintendo and small indie games more than a big block buster on other consoles any day.

thats my impression anyway...just too much preference for one area of games

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BeaArthur2955d ago

If they just agreed with everyone else then they wouldn't be doing their job. Besides what do you care? Is Eurogamer's score going to effect your enjoyment of the game?

kvg882955d ago

Seriously, the game is obviously awesome - that's all that really matters.

KiRBY30002955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

but the 8 score is only on the PS3 version on metacritic, whats up with that?

the italian reviewer of eurogamer gives the game a 9, which is added to PS3 and 360 on meta. but 8 only added to the PS3 metascore. interesting...

maawdawg2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

A review is one person's opinion on the game. Why should they try to agree with anyone else if it isn't their opinion? The day all game reviewers turn into sheep and start bleating out the same numbers will be the official death of game reviewing as far as I am concerned. A review is just a number from a stranger that you really know nothing about other than a website or magazine hired them.

I rely much more on video reviews and the sum of many written ones as a whole than one or two with outlying scores. If anything, the outlying scores often have articles that point out things that other reviews gloss over to "fit in" with everyone else's streams of 9s and 10s, which is what I felt happened with GTA4.

A review is just a personal opinion of someone with a bigger platform for it to be seen from. I wish people would stop focusing on the number at the end of them and concentrate more on the words in them. Reviews shouldn't change much, if anything, on your view of a game. If anything they can taint the experience before you even give it a fair chance.

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PS360PCROCKS2955d ago

Interesting. So he literally had no issues other than long horse rides in an open world game. Than the cover apparently feels "outdated." I'll respect his opinion, but sure seems nit picky

vTuro242955d ago

all those 9+ scores and Eurogamer has to ruin it with an 8 :S
But w/e still can't wait to play this game.

bjornbear2955d ago

this 8 seems to only apply to the PS3 score on metacritic, there's none for the 360 even though they are clearly identical games.


AliTheBrit192955d ago


Pre-Ordered today

*copy & paste*

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