PSP 2: Yay Or Nay? GamerZines Response to the Rumoured Feature List

GamerZines: VG247 have gone above and beyond to investigate the truth behind the rumoured successor to the PSP. According to sources interviewed by the gaming news site the PSP 2 will a include a host of new features:

- Two Cameras, one on the front and one on the back.
- Touchscreen capability
- Digital Only, no disc based media
- Four-Core Cell CPU, in layman's terms roughly half the power of the PS3.

Whether all of these rumblings from sources within the gaming industry are true remains to be seen, but we wouldn't be surprised if there was an element of truth in there.

Here's what we'd put our money on.

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Colonel-Killzone2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Could be true. Two cameras I highly doubt that lol. I think what people want the most is honestly 2 analog sticks gamers been demanding that for the longest. Give the psp 2 a 150 dollar price tag with 2 analogs trust me it will sell like hot cakes. A lot of people are not buying and ranting about the 2 analogs would make sense if sony added that.

saint_john_paul_ii2833d ago

DSi has 2 cameras. dont doubt it.

Colonel-Killzone2833d ago

.... whats the point adding 2 cameras is it needed because nintendo has it sony has to have it ? people care more about the 2 analog sticks then 2 cameras dude.

sxpacks2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Cameras are cheap. 2 high res cameras, front facing one 1.0 MP, back facing one 3.0 MP could be reasonably priced. Imagine taking a picture for LBP or Modnation, then race/play on it
2nd camera would also allow for Video conference calls. Skype was a feature from the original PSP adding 2nd front facing camera would please the tech fans who wanted this feature in PSPGO

They should also add a sim card in there. They have the tech and patents from their Mobile division. Replacing cell phones with PSP2 would give parents a reason to give in to the purchase.

Adding 2 analog nubs makes sense as well: There are plenty of PSN games that could run on the PSP2. By adding a 2nd nub, it allows for a seamless port and better PS3 intergration. Buy a PSP compatible game from PSN, and play it on your PSP and PS3.

saint_john_paul_ii2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

the point of two cameras is so that one faces what you are viewing, and the other views you.

and its not because nintendo has it, but because its a standard with mobile devices. there are games that take advantage of cameras these days, just look at the DSi for instance, and they work well and they are fun. On top of that, there are alot of cell phones that do this, like the upcoming iphone 4g, which is rumored to have 2 cameras, one looking at your face, and the other, displaying at what you are looking at. Skyping someone on a PSP would be alot better if it allows this functionality, which is what i use with my PSPgo. cameras are cheap these days for mobile devices, so i dont see how you are sweating about it bro.

as for analog sticks, im %99 sure its coming.

sxpacks , exactly. this only adds more functionality into games, which is what we all want. gaming on the go with LBP or ModNation racers would be better for track creation with the use of the camera on a PSP.

you have to open up to your imagination, you know the thing that Barney has taught us back when we were just kindergardeners in the early 90's, so that you would know what adding cameras to games do. take snapshots to add into a game level/augmented reality games/video calling/etc....

MastermindPS3602833d ago

nawww....psp go already plopped.....keep loosing that $ sony....

ATLGAMER2833d ago

psp did actually toward the last two years piracy has been a big problem....yes the homebrew community

tehReaper2833d ago

Piracy and Homebrew are two different things. Look at the new exploit for the PSP go. You can only play homebrew, nothing else. They want to keep it that way for a reason.

sikbeta2833d ago

Poor Kid, he still believes that [Real Gamers] care about Billionaire Multinational Corporations like IF we're Shareholders or something lol

kvg882833d ago

with so many good games in the near future's pipe line, why would they ruin the PSP's potential momentum by announcing the PSP2

snakebite362833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

If it's true, I don't want to know about it until it's officially announced.

Mr Logic2833d ago

"There's no doubt that VG247 were told these rumoured features by industry insiders and that Sony are definitely working on a successor to the PSP2."

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